Solutions to eradicate blisters and achieve effective healing

Blisters, those small, uncomfortable reactions that appear after repeated rubbing. They commonly appear on the feet, but are also common in other parts of the human body.

Face, lips, neck, forearms, hands, legs, mouth… literally any part that contains skin and is exposed to constant friction is prone to developing these injuries.

A blister is the painful result of tissue damaged by friction. They commonly appear on the feet due to tight footwear.

Also eating food prepared too hot or too cold or burns, it can trigger a small outbreak in the gum region or inside the mouth.

Also, something as simple as a simple insect bite can turn into small but painful red blisters if there is a lot of itching and sanitation problems.

Suffer Burn of any kind, inevitably leaves a negative and annoying trail: the appearance of blisters. now we will show you 5 solutions to eradicate them and how to cure them correctly.

blisters? Find out how to remove them

In addition to causing pain and discomfort, blisters carry a certain risk of infection. Therefore, once they occur, it is best to give them special care until they are fully recovered.

Considering that some do not know how to behave in such cases, we have compiled the most effective methods to speed up your relief. Put them into practice!

1. Let them breathe

Let the blisters breathe

If you don’t want the gravity of the wound produced by the bladder gets worse with time and circumstances, you have to let them breathe. It is very practical and relief is guaranteed instantly.

Compliance with this golden rule for blisters will gradually improve. Indeed, the longer it is exposed to the air, the faster the healing process will be.

If you need to put on a bandage for walking make it so that it is loose. Place the adhesive bandage on the sides, so that the center is slightly raised to allow for airflow.

2. Apply topical cream

Even if it seems obvious, the correct use of ointments can prevent the spread of the lesion considerably. Topical creams shorten the life span of these wounds and eliminate the sequelae, of course, if the appropriate treatment is applied.

After cleaning any dirt or debris from the blister, you may want to apply an antibacterial ointment. An antiseptic gel cream might also be a good it offers refreshing benefits.

3. Always dry the blister

The only remedy for a blister that causes extreme pressure and pain (if it’s filled with fluid) is to pop it. To avoid infection:

  • Clean the blister with water and an antiseptic.
  • Gently break the edge using an alcohol sterilized sewing needle to drain all the liquid.
  • Do not remove the upper skin, as it serves as a protective layer against infection.
  • Remember to keep the affected area dry.

4. Aloe vera to improve blisters

This is one of the best plants to treat a myriad of conditions. We know that blisters are really a headache, especially for athletes or people who usually face external factors such as rain, sun or smoke on a daily basis.

Discover this solution for yourself:

  • To obtain aloe vera juice, we simply have to cut the leaf of the plant, both crosswise and lengthwise.
  • Apply that aqueous gel directly to the affected area and you will notice the improvement.

As a final highlight, We recommend that if discomfort persists, it is best to do so apply a specific ointment to these wounds, this type of ointment may be recommended by your doctor.

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