Speaking of female hair removal: waxing in the bikini area?

When waxing the bikini area, it is possible that many girls decide to learn more about the different methods of female hair removal that exist. Especially since this topic usually generates several doubts.

A large number of women agree that there is a need to remove hair from certain areas (like the groin) for aesthetic but also hygienic reasons.

When the holidays, a gynecological check-up or an intimate meeting are approaching, many girls have as their first thought the need to shave so as not to appear careless. Thus, it is evident that there is a certain tendency to associate waxing with cleaning.

Why do you need to wax your bikini area?

Below we will look at the main reasons that can lead a girl to want to shave her bikini area.

1. Aesthetics

Waxing the bikini area can mostly be done for aesthetic reasons. A hairy pubis is interpreted as a sign of neglect or lack of personal care. Perhaps in many cases this is not really related to personal hygiene, but the truth is, Due to a cultural issue, the presence of hair tends to be associated with bad looks and lack of cleanliness.

2. Sensuality

Since many people may find it very sensual for their partner to be as clean as possible, many girls decide to shave to look both attractive and provocative. Warning, this is not always given to please the couple, waxing is often a way to boost self-confidence and self-esteem. It all depends on the person.

3. Health

Decades ago, hair removal was a way to prevent some problems, such as infestation from Crabs in sexual encounters, for example. As, waxing the bikini area was a highly recommended measure by doctors.

Some of the consequences of keeping the intimate area populated and, in general, poorly cared for were: irritation, itching and discomfort that disturbed compliance with the daily routine. The solution was very simple: depilate the bikini area.

Methods for waxing the bikini area

Depending on the characteristics of each person’s skin type, one can opt for a certain method of female hair removal or another. Let’s see which are the most used.

1. With razor

One of the most common forms of epilation is with a blade or razor. It can be done very easily and quickly, at any time and only requires a good blade.

It is important to pass the blade in the same direction as the hair to avoid cuts and other injuries.

2. Depilatory creams

They can be obtained in any pharmacy or beauty center and they are very easy to use. They are applied to the area to be depilated, left to act for the indicated minutes and removed with plenty of water.

Creams cut hair, but they don’t eradicate it. Like the previous method, its duration depends on how fast each woman grows.

3. Wax

Learn how to make hair removal cream.

Waxing is another of the most popular methods of choice for most people. It removes the hair from the roots and makes it progressively weaker. In addition, it allows you to give your skin a rest, as it delays hair growth.

As in the previous cases, always take into account the characteristics of the skin type, since there are methods that can cause damage to the most sensitive skin, for example.

For waxing to be truly effective, it is recommended that you grow your hair out as long as possible before the procedure.

4. Lasers

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular options today. It is usually carried out in several sessions and, in addition to removing hair, it helps to remove stains from some areas (eg armpits) which tend to darken due to previous use of the blade.

In the first session, skin tone and hair type are assessed. Depending on the contrast and quantity, one number of sessions or another will be indicated.


There are many reasons why a person may decide to have their bikini area (or other areas of the body) waxed. Now, it is clear that there can always be an aesthetic concept behind the decision.

It is important to choose the hair removal method that best suits your skin type (consult your dermatologist for this). Otherwise, various inconveniences may occur.

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