Stimulating the G-spot in men: what you should know

In recent years there seems to be a change in the way sexuality is communicated. Indeed, it is more openly discussed. However, there are still many taboos and myths regarding G-spot stimulation in menalso called point H or point P.

Machismo, which has prevailed in society for centuries, has prevented men from discovering the pleasure that is generated in this area. Fear of losing ‘masculinity’ or regarding the act as something ‘unhygienic’ they continue to be a hindrance to your enjoyment.

Many even still doubt the existence of this erogenous region and refuse to think that it can be stimulated as a couple, without this being synonymous with a deviation from one’s sexuality. However, some put aside prejudices and take an interest in the subject.

What should we know about G-spot stimulation in men? How to do it for a satisfying experience? We know that both men and women want these questions answered, which is why we share the most important aspects in detail below.

Is there a G-spot in humans?

Some people are skeptical about the existence of the G-spot in men, also called the H-spot or P-spot (to differentiate it from women). while others associate it with prostate gland or prostate.

The prostate is a walnut-shaped organ that is part of the male reproductive system. Its main function is to help produce sperm and it is located under the bladder, almost in front of the rectum.

Man in bed waiting.
With a little foreplay and some visual stimulation, a man can reach a pleasurable orgasm.

On the other hand, this gland tends to grow with age and can suffer from various health problems, such as prostatitis, prostate enlargement and even cancer. G-spot scanning in humans could help detect abnormalities; in this sense, it is considered a preventive measure.

G-spot in men: where is it?

In addition to the reproductive functions, mentioned above, the H point or P point It is also an erogenous zone.which can be stimulated to produce pleasure.

But, to enjoy sexual fullness as a couple, it is convenient that you first know in which region the G-spot is located in the man. For obvious reasons, there are big anatomical differences if we compare it to that of women.

In particular, the male G-spot is located inside the rectum5 centimeters from the entrance hole and on the opposite wall. It is an area where there are many nerve endings; therefore, it is very sensitive.

How to stimulate the G-spot in men?

the theme of G-spot stimulation in men can cause a lot of doubts. While some women worry that their partners will refuse to explore this area, others fear they could cause harm due to lack of experience.

Well then, First of all, the ideal would be to speak confidently, as it is necessary for both to agree to do so. As women, it’s important to let them know that the situation is completely normal and doesn’t affect masculinity.

Obviously, It’s best to respect each other’s sexual decisions, because it is useless to force the situation. And if he decides he wants to be stimulated in the G-spot, it’s good to know how to get it.

Step One: Find the G-spot on your man

The G-spot can be accessed through the anus. Once through the sphincter, it reaches the rectum. In this area, a few centimeters deep, it is possible to feel a swelling: the prostate.

The finger must be inserted gently. If you’re not used to it, try the smallest (pinky) first, then the largest (middle). You will feel like a small “nut”, with a slightly rough texture.


  • You can stimulate the man’s G-spot by gently moving your finger and try to imitate the “come here” gesture. She rubs at different paces until you find the most exciting one for him.


Men, like women, need to relax the anal sphincter to facilitate penetration. For this reason, before inserting your finger, it is essential to lubricate well with a suitable product. lubricants are used increase pleasure and reduce pain during the sexual act.


  • Move your finger around his anus and apply the lubricant with a light massage to get more enthusiasm.

oral sex

Couple having sex.

Performing oral sex before reaching a man’s G-spot is a good way to put him in a state of relaxation and tranquility. Thus, while he enjoys the pleasure generated, can begin to gently touch the back.


  • Try to gently massage the perineum, i.e. the part of the skin between the anus and the testicles. This area is very sensitive and can prepare your partner before stimulating the G-spot.

sex toys

There are many sex toys that can help improve the experience by stimulating the G-spot in humans, doing the orgasms are more pleasant and have more ejaculation. The ideal is to start incorporating them later, when you feel more comfortable and prepared.

Some fun options are:

  • Anal balls.
  • Anal plugs.
  • Anal stimulator.
  • Prostate massagers.

Other erogenous zones in men

There are other erogenous zones, which you can also stimulate, before, during or after reaching the G-spot in humans. These are:

  • Mouth and lips: you can touch them with yours, pass your fingers, introduce them to let him suck them.
  • Penis: An entire sensitive area, mostly on the head or glans, plus the foreskin (if uncircumcised).
  • Scrotum: It’s that sack of skin that surrounds the testicles, it’s very sensitive if you touch it gently.
  • Groin: you can caress it, getting close to his member, and then move away a little.
  • Neck: In addition to kissing and licking it, you can play with ice and see how it stiffens.

Enjoy the man’s G-spot

Except in cases where the person has had a radical prostatectomy, It is always possible to enjoy stimulating the G-spot in men. But he reminds that it is also important that they consult them if they feel comfortable or if they don’t like something.

For this reason, once you enter this erogenous zone, it is good to ask him “do you like it here?” or “how are you feeling?” Moans of happiness and their expressions can serve as an indicator. Have fun!

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