Strengthen your neck with this effective exercise routine

Even if it does not look so, Our cervical area is made up of a large number of muscles, because it is an area with a lot of mobility. Do you suffer from problems or inconveniences? Strengthen your neck thanks to these exercises that we will explain to you.

If you not only suffer from neck discomfort but these are the reasons why you have it Heachache, the following exercise routine will be of great help. Don’t hesitate to put it into practice.

Strengthen your neck with these exercises

These exercises to strengthen the neck it must be done at least 4 or 5 days a week. They are simple exercises that don’t take much time and that you can do from the comfort of anywhere.

5. Bench press exercise

Neck exercise on bench

The latter of the exercises to strengthen the cervical it must be done very carefully. To carry it out we will need a bench in which we will stand face down.

  • The head must be loose looking towards the ground.
  • We put our hands behind our head, as if we were going to do a sit-up. We lower the head and raise it.

In this exercise we can add some pressure with our hands, so that the cervicals are further strengthened. Other times, we can add weight.

Tips for performing this neck-strengthening routine

The importance of performing these neck strengthening exercises slowly is because, if we rush, we could get hurt.

However, this we can avoid this by applying some heat to the area before exercising. In this way we warm up the area and prepare it for the execution of the previously mentioned exercises.

  • Also It is very important to take some measures after you have done them. This is particularly suitable for those people who often suffer from neck problems.
  • Before applying heat, so now it’s time to apply cold. In this way we reduce the inflammation caused by the exercises and promote recovery.

All of these exercises must be supervised by our doctor. He will be able to tell us if we have to do without it due to our condition and the intensity that we can apply.

Don’t hesitate, strengthen your neck with this type of exercise, you will avoid many problems in the future. Have you already started putting them into practice?

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