Stronger legs with 6 exercises without gym equipment

Exercise machines are very helpful when it comes to working for stronger legs. However, contrary to what many think, these are not the only ones that can deliver results. There are a wide variety of exercises that work this area without the need for additional tools.

Furthermore, they are easy-to-perform activities that can be practiced even in the comfort of the home. The most important thing is to be consistent and disciplined with your trainingas they do not give results miraculously or overnight.

Likewise, they must be integrated with a good diet and healthy habits, since all together is crucial to increase and strengthen muscle mass. remember you should gradually increase the intensity, don’t try too hard. Do you dare to follow these exercises at home? Check out the top 6.

6 exercises to get stronger legs

1. Jumping Jacks

Stronger legs with exercises without gym equipment

To start this interesting routine to get stronger legs, you can do jumping jacks. It is an exercise that strengthens the lower muscles increasing the rate of metabolism to achieve optimal fat burning.

What should you do?

  • stand up straight, with the legs together and the hands at the sides of the body.
  • Do a jump by opening the legs to the sideif, at the same time, raise your hands above your head.
  • Return to the starting position with another jump and do 15 or 20 repetitions.

2. Calf raise

When running a workout routines for the legs we neglect the work of the calves. While they can be strengthened with general activities, it is better to perform a localized exercise to strengthen the muscles.

What should you do?

  • Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and hands outstretched in front.
  • Next, Take your heels off the ground and try to stay “on your toes” for 20 or 30 seconds.
  • Return to starting position, rest and do 4 reps.

3. Squats “pistol”

Stronger legs with exercises without gym equipment

To increase the difficulty, when following a workout for stronger legs, you can do pistol squats. It requires more physical stamina than the traditional way, but works the muscle groups of the legs and buttocks.

What should you do?

  • Stand straight, with your legs slightly apart.
  • Support one hand with the other in front of your chest or place them behind your neck.
  • Then, step one leg forward and perform a squat motion.
  • Try to go as low as you can without putting too much pressure on the knee.
  • Do 10 reps, switch legs and repeat.

4. burpees

The movements that are made with the burpees They help burn calories accumulated in areas such as the abdomen and sides. Added to this, they allow you to work a large number of muscles, including the glutes and quadriceps.

What should you do?

  • Get into a squat position, with your hands resting on the ground.
  • From this position, stretch your legs back, then return to the starting position.
  • Then, stand up and take a vertical jump, raising your hands above your head.
  • Clap your hands, lower your back into a squat, and repeat.
  • Perform 15 reps.

5. Contraction of the quadriceps

Stronger legs with exercises without gym equipment

You only need a chair or high surface to perform this quadriceps contraction exercise. Through its practice you get stronger and more toned legs. It also relaxes the muscles and reactivates the circulation.

What should you do?

  • Sit in a chair, keeping your back straight and legs extended.
  • Support yourself with your hands at your sides and lift one leg in front.
  • Contract your quads for 5 seconds and slowly lower your leg.
  • Finally, perform the exercise with the opposite leg and perform 12 reps with each.

6. Lifting the kidnapper

Stronger legs with exercises without gym equipment

There are many activities to work kidnappers, however, we propose a simple and effective way. That’s a low impact exercise it can strengthen your legs by improving circulation and fighting cellulite.

What should you do?

  • Lie on your side on a mat, with one leg over the other.
  • Lean on your forearm, then lift your top leg toward the ceiling.
  • Lower it in a slow motion and perform 12 repetitions.
  • Finally, switch sides and repeat the exercise.

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Go ahead and work your legs!

Do you dare to show off stronger legs from now on? If you don’t have time to go to the gym, these exercises will help you a lot. But always keep in mind that it is recommended that, in addition to practicing them at home, the ideal is to go for a walk or jog for about 30 or 40 minutes.

The experts of the World Health Organization (WHO) comment on it. Doing physical activity on a daily basis not only helps improve physical fitness, Building resistance or releasing endorphins also helps reduce the risk of multiple diseases.

Remember that the results of the exercises are not noticeable immediately, but after a while. Therefore, be patient and maintain perseverance and discipline.

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