Study confirms that genes determine what we eat

While it’s true that there are many foods, not all people like them the same. Therefore, scientists were interested in whether genetics had any influence on those choices.

For this they have carried out an interesting study that has allowed us to obtain revealing conclusions. In this article we share each of them.

Scientific analysis on whether genes determine what we eat

A large group of researchers from the Tufts University, located in the United States, felt the need to find out if there are definitive genes in the choice of one or the other food. This, in order to analyze whether, somehow, these factors can be taken into account to improve people’s diets and prevent diseases such as diabetes or obesity.

They gathered a total of 6230 people. The idea was to perceive which of the 5 flavors (salty, sweet, bitter, umami and sour) had a higher score in each of them.

Additionally, they also looked at all diet quality and various genetic factors. Data included blood pressure, triglycerides, total cholesterol, and plasma glucose level.

Genes determine which flavor you like best.

The conclusions of the study

When the scientists finished studying all the information they had available, they affirmed that there are indeed genetic variants responsible for the perceptions of flavors. They play a fundamental role in choosing what we eat every day.

Second Julia Gervisone of the experts who took care of the project, taste is what drives each person to choose a food. Regardless of whether it is healthy or not.

It turned out that while it was clear to everyone that vegetables are healthy, those who preferred the umami taste ate very few. Also, they refused to have contact with them, especially when they were red or orange.

Similarly, it has been found that people who feel more identified with the bitter taste eat 2 fewer servings of cereal than others. Also, they don’t really like calls cruciferous.

Similarly, genes have been found to not only determine what people eat, but also have a major impact on cardiometabolic health. People who are more addicted to sweet taste have a lower concentration of triglycerides.

Knowing these realities it is possible to achieve a positive change in habits. Vegetables or spices that align with the flavor that one likes best can be recommended.

In this order of ideas, they suggest that when providing a nutritional guide, all these details are analyzed, with the intention of proposing to each one a diet that makes them feel comfortable and keeps them away from disease.

Woman enjoying a meal.

How to have a healthy diet?

Healthy eating is about consuming all the necessary nutrients in a balance between proteinfats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

Experts say it’s not advisable to eat the same thing over and over again. A single type of food does not provide the nutrients the body needs.

It is important to consume fruit, legumes and vegetables frequently. Not only do they provide good levels of minerals, they also have high doses of vitamins.

It is essential that most foods are of natural origin. The processed can cause a large number of diseases.

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