The 10 foods not to eat before bed

There are several foods you shouldn’t eat before bed, as they make rest difficult, slow down digestion, and can even make you fat.

Therefore, when health, diet and nutrition experts point it out the ideal is to have a light dinner, at least three hours before going to bed, They are not trying to impose a baseless rule. In fact, they’re helping you make the best decisions so you can enjoy wellness every day.

While there are foods that seem like harmless and appetizing choices, it’s best to avoid them and eat them instead opt for lighter foods, such as vegetables, for example.

We will tell you more about this topic below.

The last choice of the day is important

Sometimes you may feel a little peckish before going to bed. Even if you had a light dinner in the previous hours, It’s normal to feel the occasional craving just before going to sleep.

The problem is that you don’t always choose the best for yourself, but rather you let yourself be carried away by the thought of “anything is fine for me at this time”. As a result of those bad decisions, you may experience digestive upset and other discomforts that prevent you from sleeping well.

Some say they can’t eat certain foods because they have nightmares and rest badly in every way. Not even in small quantities. As, the last thing you eat during the day matters, and a lot.

This is why it is essential to adopt healthy eating habits and, above all, to avoid (or at least try to limit) the consumption of foods that you should not eat before going to bed.

Foods you shouldn’t eat before bed

This is a list of some of the foods you shouldn’t eat before bed, but keep in mind that there may be others to consider if you have any type of intolerance or gastrointestinal issue.

1. Butter


Butter can be used as an additive to many preparations. However, due to its high saturated fat content, it is not convenient to take it before bed.

Although in general its consumption should be moderate, it is recommended avoid it at night, as it can cause digestive difficulties.

8. Chocolate

Eating a small portion of chocolate a day has many benefits. This food is rich in antioxidants and essential amino acids that promote physical and mental well-being.

However, its intake at night is not recommended, since among its ingredients it also has stimulating substances that prevent you from sleeping well.

9. Red meat

meat food

Red meat contains protein and saturated fat which hinder the work of the digestive system during the rest period.

While its nutrients are beneficial when consumed in moderation, it’s best to avoid them at night to avoid disruption to sleep.

10. Coffee

Coffee and other drinks that contain caffeine should be avoided at this time of day. Although in small doses they provide a feeling of well-being, they also alert the brain. This means that once assimilated, they will keep the body awake for at least several hours.

It is best to have a light and early dinner

When you crave something to eat before bed, remember to avoid the foods you shouldn’t eat before bed. Instead, you can always choose natural yogurt (or Greek, if you prefer) and other healthy snacks.

Remember that you can also drink chamomile tea to ensure a good night’s sleep. Of course, don’t forget to adhere to a whole healthy sleep ritual.

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