The 11 best movies to take you back to the 90s

The 90s were a glorious decade, because For many, the best moments that life has given them have passed. How could it be otherwise, cinema accompanied this stage. We offer a review of the best films to go back to the 90s and remember what we were doing in that period.

Remembering and reviewing some of the film productions of that time fills us with joy and nostalgia. Don’t waste any more time.

1. The silence of the lambs

We start this list with a movie classic that gave us goosebumps and that has scenes that will never be erased. Released in 1991 and starring Jodie Foster and the great Anthony Hopkins, winner of a oscar for the role of Hannibal Lecter. This cannibal whose restless gaze still bristles.

Dr. Lecter is a murderer and psychoanalyst who is in a maximum security prison. Young detective Starling must find a serial killer who, after killing teenage women, rips their skin with chilling completeness.

With the idea of ​​knowing how a criminal of these characteristics thinks, contact Lecter to decipher the next steps of buffalo beakthe new terror of the city.

2. Pulp fiction

The fantastic and eccentric Quentin Tarantino directed this film which earned him the title of one of the best directors. Palme d’Or winner and starring John Travolta and Uma Thurman, it has a storyline where two hitmen have to take care of their boss’s sultry wife during her absence. Anything can happen in a Tarantino film…

Quentin Tarantino.
Tarantino’s films always reserve surprises in the plot and in his way of approaching the story.


known as Deadly sins in Spanish, its director David Fincher keeps us on our toes until the second finale of this film that revolutionized serial killer screenplays. The core duo is led by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman.

Morgan as a retired detective who must teach the benefits of the job to a young colleague just starting out. Both go in search of a serial killer whose crimes represent the 7 deadly sins, but with a cruelty that escapes the mind of any mortal. The ending is electrifying… do you remember that?

4. The Truman Show

Anyone who has seen this movie has hardly experienced the paranoia of being watched all the time. The actor at that time was, without a doubt, Jim Carrey. This time he makes us laugh and excite us at the same time with his performance.

Truman suspects he’s being watched, feels that since he was born something is wrong… and he’s not wrong. His life is a soap opera, since the alleged place where he lives is nothing more than a fictitious city set up in a television studio.

5. Home alone

Macaulay Culkin plays Kevin McCallister, a boy who is accidentally left home alone after his large family boards a plane on Christmas Eve. Until his mother finds out she forgot about him and they can go back, the child must manage to protect his home from two criminals they want to do their own thing.

6. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The second installment of this saga is one of the best sci-fi films that marked the 90s with fire. Directed by James Cameron and starring actors of the stature of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamiltoncaused a sensation in 1991, when it filled the big screens around the world.

A human-like robot from the future must protect Sarah Connor and her son because these two people hold the key to saving the world.

7. Jurassic Park

Who says dinosaurs can’t populate the earth again? At least, that’s a reality in Steven Spielberg’s film, where the impossible comes true with alarming ease.

A group of scientists manages to revive several species of dinosaurs and create a theme park destined for success, except for one small detail: human greed.


A film that left us breathless and took our breath away every time we heard the phone ring. While the story involving teenagers and serial killers may seem clichéd, the way the criminal stalks his victims was new.

The protagonist of this story is going through very difficult moments while a criminal sows panic among the inhabitants of the country. The mask from this film is still on the market today and is a great disguise.


One of the highest-grossing films in the history of cinema in which James Cameron directs a resounding success. The story follows from the actual sinking of the titanic It happened in 1912. From there a love story was born as unforgettable as it was wonderful.

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio bring passion and romance to this one movie and they make us understand that love doesn’t know about social classes, but about the chemistry of two skins that attract each other like magnets.

10. Sixth sense

One of the best movies released on the big screen in the 90s. The twist of the script surprises and perplexes us.

Bruce Willis plays a psychologist who treats mentally challenged children. His life will change forever when he meets 8-year-old Cole (Haley Joel Osment). What happens to this baby? “I see dead peoplehe replies with horror in his eyes. Do you remember the ending?

Movies of the 90s seen by young people.
Even the little ones can enjoy these classics that never go out of style.

11. Matrix

We close our list with this work of science fiction that it shook the foundations of what we know as reality and questioned even our very existence in this world. If such a world existed.

Fight scenes with special effects that pioneered and continue to be seen on the big screen to this day are part of this groundbreaking film. Neo (Keanu Reeves) works in IT and his life is transformed when he reads a message on his computer screen.

Terms like virtual reality AND world dominated by machines dominate and lead the plot. They are those jewels of cinema that we would always like to see again.

The best films to go back to the 90s are a path of nostalgia

The cinema we enjoy today would not be the same if the 90s hadn’t left their indelible mark in terms of productions, scripts, artists and mythical scenes. We invite you to review them and enjoy the movie classics. After all, it’s only been a few decades since its premieres and it still stands.

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