The 14 best phrases for lovers of nature, plants and life

Nature lovers have a lot to teach, because they learn an art like gardening every day. Taking care of plants is a job for some, while for others it’s a hobby, therapy or passion.

Perhaps, Love for nature is a way to compensate the environment for the damages that, directly or indirectly, man causes. And it is in this practice that people grow more than just flowers; it is about understanding plant life, their purposes and their benefits.

During these activities, hundreds of motivational phrases emerged; not only to foster a love of nature, but to be applied in life itself. Let’s delve into this topic.

An act of nature: plants can feel and love back

Do you know someone who talks to plants and makes sure they not only understand them, but also respond to them? Perhaps this belief is not entirely far-fetched.

For his condition, his vigor and his growth, the bushes respond to the words their keepers give them. It is a manifestation of nature, a manifestation of love!

Science has faced hypotheses about the intelligence of vegetation. This item shared by SDL Environmental research and awareness refers to the sensitivity of plants, noting that they have up to 15 senses. Furthermore, some species are so intelligent that they exchange information and communicate with each other and with animals.

This publication guarantees it plants have their own personality: they store, sleep and even take care of their children. So how could they be unable to respond to humans? Sure, they do it their way, beautiful or decaying, growing fast or slow, blossoming more or less.

This is how, in the process of “growth”, they become teachers and protagonists of the learning of their protectors, who reproduce in words their affection for these living beings.

Phrases for lovers of nature, plants and life

Below we share some phrases born from contact with the natural environment and useful for conversing with plants, reflecting with friends or simply extrapolating from life.

1. On proximity to happiness and the gift of service

The horticulturist and botanist emphasizes kindness and courtesy that one has towards plants, as well as the self-sacrifice and pleasure that caring for them generates.

2. Of inspiration and art

The famous Dutch painter refers to nature as a source of inspiration, so that he contemplated the beauty of the environment to make his art.

Van Gogh is a nature lover.
Van Gogh connected with nature and the series of sunflower paintings demonstrate his sensitivity.

3. Peace of mind now and in the future

The biologist, activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner alluded to to the importance of planting trees to benefit communities now and in the future, in a peaceful world where patience, perseverance and commitment are practiced.

4. There are things that cannot be avoided

One interpretation of what the Chilean poet and politician reflected would be that, No matter how much you try to change or force situations, what is bound to happen will happen. Even if they destroy an entire garden, the force of nature will prevail so that the flowering will repeat.

5. A fount of wisdom

The author of the following sentence speaks of one of the purposes that plants have in this world: He urged humans to investigate and educate themselves through them.

6. Light in the dark

With the following lines of the French painter it is stated that, in the midst of vicissitudes it is possible to save something positive. You may not notice it at first, but by analyzing the circumstances, it is very likely that you will find a favorable perspective.

7. Health and well-being

Natural resources provide remedies, aromas and relaxation, For example. It is a panacea for general well-being.

8. The power of nature

The Indian man of letters remarked the force of nature and the connection between all its elements.

9. The value of simplicity

If something as impressive as nature takes delight in the simple, Why should people mortify themselves for the material and the ostentatious to be happy? Perhaps this is what the English physicist was referring to.

10. To want and to be able

Talking for the sake of talking or doing for the sake of doing is not the same thing as talking because you want to or because you can and Do you have anything to say.

11. The natural order

Everything that happens corresponds to the natural order of things. And if nature is understood as a source of wisdom, it would be clear that it will never go against what wisdom proposes.

12. The good response to abuse

When faced with bad treatment or an unpleasant gesture, don’t react the same way. Show that your behavior is not a reflection of others.

Practice calmness and use good words as a weapon. Nature does it in its own way, because it suffers havoc every day and always shares its best fruits.

Contact and care of the planet.
Nature is a source of wisdom and teaches us values ​​to apply in everyday life.

13. Of the good, little

Excesses are not conducive; on the contrary, they aggravate any situation. Instead, If you dose your resources, there is a very high probability of getting benefits. Nature lovers can attest to that.

14. Educator forever

Without much else to expand, nature serves as a perennial educator and this is how he considered him the representative of the Baroque style.

Nature lovers practice a way of loving life

Love, inspiration, patience and above all, wisdom. These are the attributes their ardent lovers find in nature.

for something, the Water Foundation revision environmentalist José Luis Gallego as an example in the the vocation to observe it, the commitment to defend it and the need to be in it. Nature makes you appreciate silence, feel the breeze and breathe freedom. For many it is a way of loving life.

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