The 6 best tricks to enjoy light and healthy dinners

It is common for the mention of the words “light food” and “healthy” to be interpreted as a bland and unappetizing penance. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. To be able to enjoy light and healthy dinners there is no need to give up on good taste.

Dinner is one of the three main meals of the day and while it should be lighter than the others, it doesn’t imply a negligible amount or that it’s okay to skip it. It should be remembered that a good dinner not only helps maintain a good weight and nourish the body, but also helps to rest properly.

In view of this, it is essential to know how to plan light and low-calorie dishes which, without suffering from hunger, allow to satisfy the nutritional needs of the organism. Next, we will share some tricks to achieve it.

Tricks to enjoy light and healthy dinners

Note that, neither at dinner nor at other meals should natural foods be replaced for finished or scrap. While the preparation helps us save time, they can alter metabolic functions and cause various long-term complications.

1. Consume high quality protein


Consume high-quality protein with dinner causes an expenditure of calories from the fat stores that the body has. These help secrete hormones that prevent premature aging and, in turn, are essential to avoid metabolic problems.

However, due to the schedule, portions should be smaller than other daily specialssince it must be taken into account that its digestion is slower.


  • Get this nutrient from foods like chicken, turkey or ham.
  • If desired, one can opt for fatty fish or eggs, which also provide them in significant quantities.
  • Anyway, be sure to steam or broil them to avoid frying and additional fat.

2. Avoid sugar and pre-cooked foods

High-sugar foods, as well as convenience foods, are food options that are usually prepared quickly and easily. The problem is that its assimilation is faster and, overloading the body, interferes with the functioning of the metabolism. According to a study published in Journal of Hepatology, regular intake of these ingredients can cause liver problems.

In fact, excessive consumption is not recommended in the other dishes of the day and, for a healthy diet, it is good to limit them as much as possible.


  • At dinner, avoid pastries, pasta and foods with refined flours.
  • Exclude fatty sausages, pizza and canned meats from your dishes.

3. Make a vegetable soup for your light and healthy dinners

green soups

Vegetable soups are a great alternative for a healthy dinner, without going hungry or consuming too many calories. These are prepared with ingredients ideal for stimulating weight loss and are also delicious and filling. It should not be forgotten that the regular presence of vegetables in the diet they demonstrated be able to help prevent complex pathologies.

As if that weren’t enough, the assimilation of its nutrients helps to fall asleep and improves the digestive process that occurs during the rest period.

Go ahead and prepare soups or creams of: celery, fennel, onion, pumpkin, spinach, carrots. Of course, avoid eating vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, as they can hamper digestion.

4. Have a smoothie

Smoothies or shakes with mixed ingredients (fruits, vegetables and greens) are a great option for light dinners full of essential nutrients. While it’s not recommended to prepare all dinners with these drinks, they can be considered when you are not too hungry.


5. Enjoy a salad

chicken salad

The preparation of the salad is quite simple and It’s a great way to keep yourself feeling full during the later hours of the day.

Its low caloric intake is ideal for controlling body weight and, thanks to its fibers and antioxidants, they are an excellent complement to improve digestion. The best thing is that they can be combined with lean meats, such as brisket or lean tenderloin, resulting in a more complete and healthy dinner.


  • Prepare a large plate of salad using light and easily digestible vegetables.
  • Add some Parmesan cheese and chicken breast, not just for variety, but for extra aminos.
  • Avoid using spicy or heavy seasonings, as they can cause acid reflux.

6. Avoid caffeine and soft drinks

The drinks that are consumed to accompany dinner are also very important for both health and weight.

Consumption of soft drinks, coffee, and any caffeine-containing liquids should be limited, since they affect sleep and the secretion of some hormones. Soft drinks should be completely excluded, as their high sugar content affects metabolism.


  • Opt for healthy drinks such as herbal teas or fruit waters.
  • If you want to consume a natural juice, make sure that the fruits used are easily digestible.

Prepare light and healthy dinners to lose weight

Do you usually skip dinner? Do you prepare it with the first thing you see in your fridge? If so, it’s time for you to change your habits and opt for preparing light and healthy dinners. Pay attention to the ingredients and you can enjoy a good dish and then a good sleep.

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