The 6 foods that contain the most toxins. Did you know them?

Every day our body absorbs thousands of toxins from the food we eat. These can be added chemicals, natural toxins, or toxins that have been modified in some way.

Excess of these substances in the body It can bring with it countless health problems. Next, we present them to you.

Foods with more toxins that are best avoided

As mentioned above, these foods you will see below are high in toxins, however, It doesn’t mean they’re bad or that you need to stop eating them.

Simply it should be consumed in moderation.

It is important to know that if you follow a diet rich in toxins, you have to balance it with exercise, fruits and vegetables which help detoxify the body and maintain the balance of nutrients.

1. Meat

Meat is full of toxins due to the amount of hormones and other substances it contains, such as clenbuterol and benzopyrene, also banned in the European Union.

Grilled meat at rest.

According to a study developed by several researchers at the US National Cancer Institute, it has been proven that these additives are carcinogenic and, therefore, its recurrent consumption increases the probability of suffering from leukemia and stomach tumors.

2. Tuna

Although it is delicious and healthy, as well confirmed by the following item published in 2010 by Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Chemistryit was found that contains high levels of mercury. These can end up degenerating the nervous system, particularly in pregnant children.

black fin tuna

One reason it has so many toxins is due to poor refrigeration and storage, as well as contamination of seas and oceans. Being a large fish, the quantities of mercury can be higher than those of smaller fish.

3. Milk

Specifically, cow and whole. During pasteurization and the entire process that is performed for it, milk can acquire a significant amount of toxins.

Milk and dairy products are rich in tryptophan.

Dairy products, even if pasteurized, can contain about 60 hormones, dioxins and antibiotics.

4. Corn

Corn, also known as jojoto or choclo, It is the second food with the highest mercury content, after seafood.

cut corn
  • According to one investigation published by World journal of gastroenterology, HE has shown that if cut and not well dried, corn is contaminated with aflatoxin. This also occurs in times of drought.
  • This set of chemical compounds, mainly derived from mushrooms, are largely, the leading causes of cancer and malnutrition in people.

5. Cheese, eggs and dairy products

In this case, exactly the same thing happens with cow’s milk. Milk products contain the same toxins as the raw material and, even, they can contain it to a greater extent thanks to the other processes to which they are subjected.

The foods that contain the most toxins Did you

Those in this list they are above all those rich in fatslike cheddar cheese.

6. Canned

canned food always they were a bit iffy due to the chemicals used for storage of that.

In box
  • Studies have been conducted lately (such as the following investigation developed in 2014 by several scientists at Indiana University) to show that cans, or at least most of them, are covered in trace amounts of bisphenol.
  • This substance is known to develop diabetes and obesity.

Avoid and eliminate the accumulation of toxins

It’s true that there are many foods, other than those we mentioned earlier, that are high in toxins. However, there is also another long and extensive list of many that serve a eliminate them and help detoxify the body.

Among the most indicated we find:

  • apples.
  • watercress.
  • Onion.
  • Olive oil.
  • Lemon.
  • Grape.

Among many others. It is recommended to include them in every plate of food to create a balance between foods.

avoid overeating

supercharging it is very harmful for our liver, kidneys and intestines. By eating more, we put our bodies to work twice as hard. This it makes it difficult for you to eliminate toxins and thus interferes with digestion.

check the salt


Salt is harmful to the kidneys, so it is recommended to eat low-salt foods and low-salt meals.


The foods that contain the most toxins Did you

exercise is a great way to eliminate toxins, thanks to sweat. Walk or jog at least 30 minutes a day. This will help you stay fit and healthy.

Avoid constipation

Festive constipation

This is one way to get rid of a lot of wastes from the body. Therefore, if you regularly suffer from constipation, do not hesitate to exercise, consume fiber and drink plenty of water to regulate going to the bathroom.

Health problems derived from eating foods that have toxins

Having high amounts of toxins in our body can cause:

  • constipation problems and digestive.
  • Alteration of the intestinal flora.
  • lack of control in the immune system.
  • Water retention.
  • Insomnia.
  • Poor nutrient absorption.

And even if we can’t help it, we can control it by eating foods that contain less of it.

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