The 8 most common sexual fetishes

Have you ever wondered what might be the most common sexual fetishes? Do you think you could have one too?

There are people who are turned on by certain parts of the body (such as the mouth, breasts or feet), others find black or red lace lingerie irresistible and others, spanked or spanked

Sexual fetishes are those practices characterized by causing arousal or orgasms use of objects, substances or a particular part of the body.

Although for many the word “fetish” can be intimidating, it is a common and harmless practice that can actually enhance the sexual experience.

For others it becomes a recurring and necessary behavior for sexual arousal. In such cases, the fetish is considered a pathological disorder.

Despite this, it is generally a simple manifestation of sexuality in both men and women. Do you know the most common sexual fetishes? Check out 8 of them below.


Piercings are a common sexual fetish

The perforations and the actual pieces they adorn, in their various shapes, sizes, colors and materials, can turn some people on. And indeed, this is one of the most popular sexual fetishes among the young population.

THE piercings on the lips, tongue, navel and nipples are some of the ones that usually cause the most excitement.

People who are attracted to these elements they can experience strong sexual arousal just by seeing it in the other person. However, that particular flavor can also be produced by the cold sensation that the metal object causes when it comes into contact with the skin.

2. Hair

The hair fetish, known as ringworm, It is quite common, especially in men. Those with this fetish are aroused by direct contact with the hair, or, from a particular color, hairstyle or style.

For their part, women may be attracted to beards, mustaches, or chest hair.

3 feet

Feet are another of the most common sexual fetishes. For many men, beautiful, well-groomed feet with a soft touch are very exciting. However, not only men may prefer this part of the body, but women may also be attracted to a pair of beautiful feet.

4. Shoes

Among the most widespread inanimate fetishes in the world, the altocalciciphiliathat means, sexual arousal from women’s shoes. Men can peak having sex without the woman taking off her shoes (usually high heels).

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5. Skin

Instead of body parts or clothing as such, there are those that have a specific material and texture like a fetish, like leather or latex, for example.

The taste for leather is not necessarily linked to whips and sex toys aimed at the practice of sadomasochism. You can generate interest and excitement through common objects like leather pants, a skirt, or even a sofa.

6. Underwear

Women's lingerie as a sexual fetish

Lingerie in lace, sheer or just in certain shapes and colors (like red and black) can be very exciting for both men and women. As, underwear is among the most common sexual fetishes.

There are those who like their partner to wear clothes when having sex, to have a much more pleasant experience. Stockings, garters, strings, bras…

7. Costumes

For some people, costumes help make sexual encounters a lot more fun. Moreover, it helps them get out of the rut and experiment with different roles, in an intimate setting.

8. Other parts of the body

There are people whose fetish is simply specific parts of the body, such as the mouth, breasts and buttocks. Not surprising, since socially speaking, these parties have received a lot of attention and have even tended to over-sexualize in all the media that have ever existed and have been, to sell products.


Do you share or are you attracted to any of these sexual fetishes? Did you like it with your partner? Although some may be very curious, even rare, there is no doubt that they can be a good way to get out of the routine and enjoy our sexuality to the fullest. Share them with your partner and take advantage of them.

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