The 9 fall-winter makeup trends

Autumn-winter makeup contains trends for all tastes. If you want the colors to stand out or you prefer the naturalness of the leather, you will surely find the right technique within the proposal that this season brings.

The purpose is not to follow a pattern, but to break the pattern and kickstart a it seems fresh. Sometimes, with a certain evocation of the Vintage.

The idea is to feel good and highlight your features, taking advantage of the benefits of cosmetics. How to do trendy makeup? Which shades to choose? We reveal it to you.

Fall-Winter makeup trends

For example exhibits an article from the Center for International Education euroinnova, fashion may or may not be temporary, depending on the changes a society experiences. They claim styles are transformed by references from the environment; Makeup does not escape this appreciation.

It is through advertising campaigns, fashion shows and social networks that every season everything related to fashion is promoted, including the trick. Progress to date reveals this the current for autumn-winter proposes to mix the organic with the innovative.

It consists of focusing the features and illuminating them, providing strong colors if desired, but preferably leaving minimal freckles or blemishes uncovered. Far from intimidating you, they come across as part of your personality.

In the malleability that the autumn-winter formula allows, There is room for applications and glitter. There are a few approved licenses on the menu, made up of the trends we develop below.

1. Balance between matte and glossy

A matte finish with flashes of moisture is right for you trick Autumn winter. For this, the basics will be important, the BB cream and powders that emphasize the characteristics of the skin and have a light effect.

Furthermore, selecting the appropriate pigments for your complexion is key. Neutral foundations look good on everyone, while golden or yellow foundations look good on “olive” skin. Roses correspond to dermis prone to this tone. To find out which one flatters you, try them on your neck and see if the range complements your natural colour.

2. Smokey and pink eyes

If you love to smoke your eyes, calm down: the autumn-winter trend does not exclude this technique. What it offers is to blend two colors, leaving the light ones for the tear duct area, for the purpose of brightening.

On the other hand, blending mask-style with a pink palette, blending with a little black or blue, brings joviality. The sparkles in metallic tones also translate into this initiative to paint the upper lids with pink, venturing into a little more conventional shades.

Pink makeup trend in autumn-winter.
Pink takes its place for the eyes this season.

3. Unruly eyebrows

Walking with tousled eyebrows is what autumn-winter makeup brings. Straight lines will no longer be used; tousled hair, as natural as possible, will be preferred. Spread soap face in strings it is ideal to enhance the effect.

4. Browns and golds

The warmth of brown is a seasonal alternative. With gold, add some shimmer to eyeshadows. This is how both tones are incorporated into the wave.

5. Crimson mouth (and a little fuchsia)

Straight from the past, the intensity of red lips returns, matte or with shine. Illuminated faces are shown on the catwalks, with deep shadows, abundant eyelashes and prominent red on the mouth.

As for the fuchsia on the lips, it is permissible for neutral complexions. In fact, this palette is ideal for blushing the cheeks and blending the eyes.

On the other hand, lip tints are a powerful alternative, because with little application you can highlight the mouth, without the need to touch up with other paints. They are long lasting and many have flavor.

6. Renewed eyeliner

Even if the traditional eyeliner will always be a safe alternative, for the autumn-winter the contours will be irreverent. apart from the black metals and neons are typical of the trend.

Among the techniques that will be the protagonists of the current, the “siren’s eyes” and the graphic eyeliner. If you’re not an expert in drawing yet, try using an eye pencil instead of liquid eyeliner; thus, you minimize errors and the technique looks neat.

An extra tip is to broaden your gaze by tracing the lower lash line and bring the line to the corner of the eye, marking a thickness according to your taste.

Mermaid eyes for autumn-winter makeup.
Mermaid eyes will help you flaunt your look in the autumn-winter season.

7. Bright sconces

Those outlined with glitter and the crystals around the eyes came to settle. These decorative elements are located in strategic points of the eyelids and contour, enhancing the appearance and giving originality to the set-up.

Some sconces are self-adhesive; others, you adhere them with eyelash glue. They are easily removed and, well positioned, they present no risk. The American Academy of Ophthalmology warns that if flakes of glitter, pearls or glitter get into the tear film, irritation may occur.

8. Raised eyelashes

Curling eyelashes and applying mascara is a classic in any season. Try black masks to boost volume and stretch as much as possible, in case you don’t want to use extensions.

9. Profiling Vintage

Line your lips with a different shade than the filler It’s another practice that dates back to the 90s. In general, it combines different shades of red and even brown. The idea is to notice the contrast of the profiling Vintage.

Complement your autumn-winter make-up with trendy outfits

Green, fuchsia, blue and white are the colors of the dresses that will be in vogue during the autumn and winter. the sets of blazer and trousers, dresses and skirts in these tones will be part of the clothes; consider them to complete the trick.

Of course, basic items such as jeans and white t-shirts cannot be missing from your wardrobe. They go with everything and allow for versatility when doing makeup.

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