The couple adopt four siblings to avoid separating them

Adoption is a way to turn the lives of parents and children upside down, as happened to four brothers who lived in a family home in Brazil until October 2020. From that moment on, their destiny will change, because an American couple made the decision to become the parents of these kids from Pernambucobecause they felt attracted and familiar with the Brazilian culture.

AS, Brandon and Jennifer Pratt gave the four siblings the opportunity for a better quality of life. These children, aged between 2 and 6 years, were separated from their biological mother for reasons of negligence. For this they lived in precarious conditions in a transit house until the couple from Iowa, United States, adopted them.

The story of Leandro, Cristiano, Enzo and William with their new family has been full of incredible, happy and complex moments.. And it is that one could not expect less in the face of a usually long, bureaucratic and delicate process, given that it involves minors. Find out what they went through to integrate and start doing it cohabit.

Four brothers have started a new life

While the four brothers resided in the Christian orphanage, the management to adopt is initiated by Brandon and Jennifer. From the beginning, their plan was to adopt more than one child, since they wanted to have more children. Furthermore, they were aware of how slow and cumbersome the formal adoption process can be.

The couple adopt four siblings to avoid separating them

it was like this they preferred to go ahead with the management to have these four little ones, give them love, education and keep them together. Everything was done through an agency that helped them. Even so, the procedure took more than 2 years.

Even if the wait was long, the arrival of these kids into their lives has been wonderful. Difficulties have also appeared, but nothing far from the reality that every dad and mom come to experience at different times in their lives..

Raising a family overnight can be daunting. We went from having no children to four little ones who couldn’t communicate with us because of the language, it was stressful.

Jennifer Pratt

In this case, Jennifer and Brandon went to Brazil because they had to live more than 30 days with the boys in a small house. Likewise, they had to sort out the final details of the legal process adoption. In this way, on the coexistence of the six, before leaving for the United States, the first process of adaptation would arise.

The challenges of adoption

For the American couple, the main challenge was language, added to the state of health and hygiene of the little ones. Coming from a precarious lifestyle, where they lived with other children, they had lice, oral problems and other diseases. However, they were able to handle the situation even though they initially thought they would not be able to overcome the language and communication barrier.

It’s just that we are faced with hungry children, with oral problems, lice, diseases, behavioral problems, etc. The language did not help to understand them. It was a very difficult start to parenthood.

Jennifer Pratt
The couple adopt four siblings to avoid separating them

Even if the beginning was difficult, little by little they adapted and understood each other. Especially when Jennifer’s sister and her husband, a Brazilian soccer player, accompanied them for a week on various activities, facilitating communication between all of them.

It all started flowing unexpectedly, and that’s how they left for the US with fantastic expectations. The snow would have welcomed them exactly one year ago, to fill them with the magic of the holidays. Watching them grow up and discover a world full of better possibilities has been the best gift for the couple..

A better life for the four Brazilian brothers

No doubt, Deciding to give the four siblings a warm home was the biggest transformation of their lives.. At all times, the tools to start building the foundation of yours link and moving forward as one big family were love, understanding, perseverance and the trust that everything would be fine.

This is a lesson we can all learn from. there are countless ways to change the lives of those who need it most. On this occasion, four little ones were extremely lucky to be loved by some adoptive parents that offer you the best.

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