The newest Ice Hotel from Bâlea Lac has opened. It will have, to begin with, 10 rooms, which will bear the names of major European capitals, announce the representatives of the new objective. Most of those who come to Bâlea Lac to stay in the Hotel first are from Great Britain.

On Thursday, December 22, the “Europa” Ice Hotel opened, located at an altitude of over 2,000 meters, in the Făgăraș Mountains, at Bâlea Lac. It is built entirely of snow and ice.

This season’s theme is “Europe”. The hotel has, for the moment, 10 rooms, and each of them bears the name of major European capitals. London, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Dublin, Bucharest, Paris, Rome, Athens, Bertlin and Madrid are ready to host the first guests, and the restaurant and bar inside the hotel, have special menu offers and promise visitors high quality services and products, so that the experience lived here, in the most unusual hotel in the south-eastern part of Europe, is truly unique, memorable.

The first tourists who spent the night at “Europa” – the Ice Hotel”

The managers of the Tourist Marketing Project “Hotel of Ice Bâlea Lac” offer assurances that the new Ice Hotel brings more spectacularity and style, both in terms of the external form, but also when it comes to the interior arrangements, decor and facilities.

The first tourists who spent the night at “Europa” – Hotelul de Gheață” are clients of the British tourism company that has been collaborating with “Hotel of Ice Bâlea Lac” for many years.

Moreover, as in previous seasons, it is expected that, this winter too, the vast majority of guests who will stay in the new hotel will come from Great Britain.

The official inauguration of the Ice Hotel is scheduled for January 2023, after the Ice Church will be erected.

What is the temperature inside the Ice Hotel?

The sixteenth Bâlea Lac Ice Hotel was erected in more than a month, the team of workers building the objective in difficult weather conditions, even at night. There was no shortage of emotions either, the builders always looking for the most suitable solutions to overcome the vagaries of the weather and to be able to continue working in good conditions.

The snow collected from the caldera of Bâlea lake, the “mortar” composed of snow and water, as well as the ice bricks cut from the glacial lake cap were used for the construction of this construction. Also, the decor and interior “furniture” (beds, bedside tables, armchairs, tables and chairs, etc.) are made of ice.

Each room of the Ice Hotel has a separate entrance and the door is represented by an isothermal curtain. In order not to feel the cold, those who will stay here will sleep on classic mattresses, placed on ice beds and will warm up in special sleeping bags or with the help of blankets and sheep furs.

The temperature inside the Ice Hotel is between -1 and 2 degrees Celsius.

Those who want to come to Bâlea Lac to visit the Ice Hotel, should know that, from Bâlea Cascada, the only way of access available in the cold season is with the cable car.

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