After a two-year hiatus, “Hotel of Ice” will return, and this year’s theme is “Europe”, so each room of the future hotel will be named after a capital of the Old Continent.

After a two-year hiatus, caused by the restrictive measures imposed by the authorities in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic, “Hotel of Ice”, the marketing concept that marked the tourist activity in the winter seasons of recent years in the Bâlea Lac area, will return .

Not long from now, in the most famous glacial caldera of the Făgăraş Massif, lovers of travel, fresh air, mountains and adrenaline will be able to enjoy the newest Ice Hotel, the only objective of its kind in South-Eastern Europe.

The Bâlea Lac Ice Hotel will host a bar and a restaurant

The 16th season of the Tourism Marketing Project “Hotel of Ice – Bâlea Lac” will have Europe as its theme, so each room of the future hotel will bear the name of a capital from the Old Continent.

Also, the decorations that will be found in the rooms and in the other places of the Hotel of Ice will take the guests to think of beautiful places, symbols or important objectives in European countries.

“Similar to the structures built in past seasons, the Bâlea Lac Ice Hotel will house a bar and a restaurant, where those interested will be able to consume various foods or drinks, which will be served in various ice glasses and plates. Even if the winter has fully entered Bâlea lake, the construction of the new hotel will be started only when the snow layer will be sufficiently consistent and the thickness of the ice formed on Bâlea lake will exceed 20 centimeters. The Ice Hotel will be built from bricks of ice and snow hardened with water”, say the organizers.

The final details are still being worked on

If the weather conditions are favorable, the first guests of the Bâlea Lac Ice Hotel from the 2022-2023 season will arrive on Christmas Eve.

The initiator of the Tourism Marketing Project “Hotel of Ice Bâlea Lac”, Arnold Klingeis, says that the final details regarding the shape of the future objective are still being worked on.

“Most likely, it will be a modular structure, consisting of a central hall (where the bar will be set up and the restaurant tables will be placed), and several rooms igloo, connected to each other by small corridors. In a few days, the team of architects will complete the creative work with the design of the rooms and together we will establish the final shape”, says Arnold Klingeis.

The unique winter landscapes of the Făgăraș Mountains

The Ice Hotel promotes the unique winter landscapes offered by the northern slope of the imposing chain of the Făgăraș Mountains, where the snow lasts until June and attracts thousands of tourists to the Sibiu area, becoming a special attraction for foreign tourists as well. After two years of restrictions, the hotel has recorded over 500 reservations in recent weeks, mostly from England, but also from many other countries in Europe, the Middle East, and several dozen reservations from Romania.

The initiators of the project say that there is an intention to build the Ice Church next to the hotel on the edge of Bâlea lake.

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