The importance of respecting working hours

The importance of respecting working hours

Respect for working hours is one of the most important rules within a company. To be on time defines responsibility of each employee and speaks volumes about their personality.

Having been selected for a job, the worker is already making a commitment to meet all the requirements that are handled in the company. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you are organized and responsible.

It is essential to know some aspects that employees must consider to comply with the organization and what is expected of them. And not only that, but also the repercussions deriving from the violation of the work and what are the duties of the company towards the worker. Let’s go deeper.

Qualities that are demonstrated by respecting working hours

1. Professionalism

It is that trait that demonstrates honesty, trustworthiness, concern and a true commitment to the job at hand.

It is imperative that an employee be professional, whether working independently or in a team. Moreover, ensures fluidity in projects e ensures troubleshooting.

One of the most important factors defining this characteristic is punctuality, as it can be interpreted such as dedication to work and interest in work. It also involves commitment and personal organization.

2. Good reputation

Lack of work commitment has negative effects. Projects a bad reputation on the person, as well as the fact that, in the long run, it can cause a loss of respect from colleagues.

All of this negatively affects the worker’s performance and motivation, which is ultimately counterproductive. Therefore, it is very important to respect working hours.

3. Commitment to the company

When you start working, you take responsibility agreement with each other. While corporatism in its extreme version can be uncomfortable, thanking a company for the opportunity it has given us is, more than anything else, a symbol of good manners.

Likewise, it is equally important that workers respect the arrival time, such as that the company respects the established departure time.

In addition to this, it is the responsibility of the company to incentivize its workers to comply with the program, improve their performance and be more involved. Motivating employees is always a plus.

He reststhis is also important

The company must ensure that working hours allow employees to rest. Rest is vital for worker concentration and productivity.

If the working day includes between 7 and 9 hours of daily work, it is only right that employees can get some rest. It’s really hard to channel energy and focus for so many hours straight.

The healthiest thing for both parties is to agree on a time frame in the middle of the day to eat and disconnect.

Also there should be enough time to rest outside work. Hours must be flexible so that the employee has time to balance work, family and personal life.

This will translate into gratitude from you as well an improvement in the relationship between the worker and the company.

On the other hand, requesting outside working hours, requiring work on weekends or making phone calls during holidays, as well as being illegal, shows little respect for workers. And, of course, it can affect the emotional health and in the perception of the company’s value.

Emotional health is key to job performance

Employees are the heart of a company. The best thing an organization can do is keep them sufficiently motivated. For this, more than monetary compensation, we need the emotional and affective compensation.

As we have already mentioned, it is important to have good mental health in order to perform well during the day. Promote conciliation, treat them with respect and empathy and valuing their small achievements are key elements to take into consideration in any company.

In conclusion, the worker must feel comfortable in his or her workplace. It is important to maintain a good atmosphere, where camaraderie, mutual support and a harmonious atmosphere prevail. As, it will be much easier for the employee to effectively fulfill his obligations.

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