A new study claims to shed light on the death of famous movie star and martial artist Bruce Lee. The “Enter The Dragon” actor died in July 1973, aged just 32, after suffering cerebral edema, according to The Independent.

The brain edema was believed to be a reaction to the tranquilizer that was part of a painkiller administered to Lee. However, a team of researchers has now suggested that the edema was caused by hyponatremia.

“In other words, we believe that the kidney’s inability to excrete excess water killed Bruce Lee,” the scientists wrote in the paper published in the Clinical Kidney Journal.

Lee allegedly consumed unusually large amounts of fluids

Several factors suggest that Lee may have consumed unusually large amounts of fluids at the time, due to his diet, which consisted of many juices and protein drinks, and his use of marijuana, which causes increased thirst.

“In summary, Lee had multiple risk factors predisposing to hyponatremia, which result from interference with water homeostasis mechanisms that regulate both water intake and water excretion,” the researchers wrote.

How did Bruce Lee die?

“We hypothesize that Bruce Lee died of a specific form of kidney dysfunction: the inability to excrete enough water to maintain water homeostasis.”

The researchers concluded: “Ironically, Lee made the quote ‘Be water, my friend’ famous, but excess water seems to have killed him in the end.”

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