Political scientist Alina Mungiu-Pippidi makes, together with Marius Tucă, an analysis of what Romania looks like, how it is lived, what air it breathes and how it is governed in 2022.

Who really rules Romania? Ciuca, future president? Iohannis, a job at NATO? For whom will the dice of power be cast, in a time when the pandemic and war are resetting rules, spheres of influence and power? Are the secret services the big influencers in the political area in Romania?

A real discussion about a Romania that is always at the crossroads of…interests. After all, what does the generation and geopolitics of the future look like? Who are the big losers and big winners from the tragedy of a war and a pandemic?

“I have often thought that politics is too serious a business to entrust to politicians” (Eugène Ionesco)

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