The largest cylindrical aquarium in the world, located in a hotel in Berlin, has exploded. Inside the aquarium were 1,500 exotic fish. Two people were injured, and the authorities had to close the street on which the hotel is located.

An aquarium in Berlin that housed about 1,500 exotic fish exploded on Friday morning. Later, about 100 intervention teams went to the scene of the incident in a leisure complex in the center of the city, the emergency services announced, according to Reuters.

“In addition to the incredible maritime damage… two people were injured by broken glass,” Berlin police said on Twitter.

The cylindrical aquarium with 1,500 fish was located in a luxury hotel

According to the website of the DomAquaree complex, which houses a luxury hotel, museum, shops and restaurants, it was the largest cylindrical aquarium in the world, standing 14 meters high.

Emergency services closed the main street near the complex due to the large volume of water that came out of the building. Both the road and the sidewalks in front of the complex are full of debris.

Several buses were dispatched to the complex to provide temporary shelter for hotel guests.

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