The wrinkles of the person who smokes

The wrinkles of those who smoke are different from those of those who do not have this bad habit. The skin inevitably suffers the harmful effects of smoking, both directly and indirectly. What does this mean?

The direct effects are those produced by the contact of the smoke with the skin; while indirect ones are those that appear as a result of toxic substances that travel through the bloodstream after inhaling tobacco.

In addition to being a very harmful habit for health, smoking causes changes on the nails, on the teeth, on the hair and, above all, on the skin. Specific, It is a factor that accelerates the aging process, as it increases exposure to free radicals.

How does smoking affect the body?

When a person smokes, he introduces tar (related to the development of cancer), carbon monoxide, nicotine and irritants (responsible for many respiratory diseases) into his body.

The large amount of free radicals that are generated alter the balance between elastase and its largest regulatorthe inhibitor of alpha 1-proteinase (cell membrane regulator), which causes a decrease in collagen production producing the breaking of the elastic fibers that support the skin and give it resistance.

This collagen deficiency leads to dehydrated skin, with loss of volume and smoothness which, in a short time, begins to show wrinkles. For this reason, wrinkles in people who smoke tend to be more pronounced than in other people. Moreover, they are given much earlier.

The carbon monoxide present in smoke, causes cells to not perform their functions properly, as it limits the ability to transport oxygen through the blood, making it difficult for it to reach the skin. As a result, this substance also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Nicotine causes vasoconstriction and decreased peripheral circulation. This chronic ischemia leads, in turn, to low levels of vitamin A. Furthermore, nicotine is the cause of addiction.

How does smoking affect the skin?
The cigarette contains toxic substances that increase cellular aging. As a result, the skin deteriorates and the body develops disease.

Smoker’s wrinkles: effects of cigarettes on the skin

Toxic compounds in tobacco are not only harmful to health, but also negatively affect the appearance of the skin. New wrinkles, acceleration of the aging process and lack of radiance (dehydration and dull tone) begin to appear. Tobacco also leads to the appearance of spots on the face and around the fingers.

The wrinkles of the person who smokes are deeper, narrower and are seen much more concentrated in certain areas. Wrinkles around the eyes are also evident (Crow’s feet) and those of lip contour (barcode). A large number of them are concentrated there and with notorious depth.

The skin color of smokers differs from that of non-smokers. This is not pink as can be seen in healthy skin, but is seen to be paler, close to grayish yellow.

All of these manifestations tend to be more evident after the age of 35. The effect on the skin is directly proportional to the degree of consumption, although smoking also affects passive smokers.

Smoker's wrinkles: effects of cigarettes on the skin
The skin of smokers not only tends to age prematurely but also develops blotchy and pale skin.

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Recommendations to combat the effects of tobacco

  • The main thing, for obvious reasons, is to quit smoking.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet that contains antioxidants, especially vitamin C and trace elements (iron, iodine, manganese, etc.). Also, foods that contain flavonoids, such as green leafy vegetables.
  • Adopt a consistent daily skin cleansing routine.
  • Exfoliate the skin once every 15 days to remove dead cells and stimulate skin renewal.
  • Carry out antioxidant and anti-aging treatments for the lips. There are masks for that.
  • Use a sun protection factor, as skin aging has been shown to increase when smoking and sun exposure are combined.

The wrinkles of the person who smokes are more pronounced

Toxins contained in tobacco not only affect the appearance of diseases, but also affect skin health. For this reason, smoker’s wrinkles appear earlier and tend to be more pronounced.

It is necessary to give up this bad habit to avoid these consequences. In addition, it is convenient to adopt a skin care routine that includes the daily use of sunscreen.

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