The yoyo effect: how to avoid it?

The effect yo-yo consists in combining pronounced increases and decreases in weight in a short interval. It is very characteristic of miracle diets, which are characterized by being low-calorie and unsustainable over time.

That is, there is a large energy imbalance in favor of spending, through which it is possible to lose weight, and then return to the previous diet and, consequently, to an equal or greater weight than before starting the diet.

To achieve a change in body composition without suffering this effect yo-yo It is important to keep a few key points in mind. In the following space we detail the most important ones for those who want to reach the goal of a healthy weight.

A diet based on fresh products

Calorie counting can be effective, however it’s much more practical to look at where they’re coming from. In this way, increasing your consumption of fresh foods and reducing processed foods is key when it comes to losing weight.

Moreover, This is a sustainable food model, i.e. it can be done for life. Even from time to time it is worth indulging in a whim.

Thanks to this, not only is overweight and obesity prevented, but the risk of various chronic diseases is decreased, as exposed by a article published in the magazine BMC Public Health.

A diet based on fresh products
Consuming fresh versus processed foods is one of the first keys to avoiding the effect yo-yo.

Increase your fiber intake

Another aspect that makes miracle diets unsustainable is that they fail to induce satiety. For this reason, they are abandoned quickly and the person performing them often suffers from food cravings.

To awaken the mechanisms that reduce appetite, a regular intake of fibers becomes indispensable, as indicated by the a study published in the journal European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

So that, It is essential to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables, which are also low in calories. When choosing your carbohydrate source, you should opt for whole grains and cereals. With these recommendations, not only does the feeling of satiety increase, but intestinal transit problems such as constipation decrease.

Allow the quirks to avoid the yoyo

When it comes to balanced and varied nutrition, there is also room for those products that are considered a delicacy. However, It should be remembered that its consumption must be moderate and punctual.

Completely depriving the intake of delicious foods from an organoleptic point of view can be harmful to the sustainability of the diet. Also, eating them occasionally reduces anxiety and makes the eating pattern more bearable.

intermittent fasting

Some strategies like intermittent fasting can be useful for progressive weight loss, avoiding the effect yo-yo. The elimination of breakfast does not cause, in the majority of the population, an increase in appetite, thanks to the laws of chronobiology which regulate hormonal cycles.

In addition, it allows you to significantly reduce the calories ingested each week. A protocol of this type can be started by eliminating breakfast or dinner, 3 days a week, and gradually increasing it.

Even for people who have proper management of intermittent fasting there is the possibility of doing occasional 24-hour fasts. However, these techniques must be supervised by a professional.

fasting during quarantine
While intermittent fasting is supported by evidence as a weight loss strategy, professional supervision is required.

avoid the effect yo-yo eat healthy

To avoid rebounds and weight gain and loss, a balanced, varied and sustainable diet should be considered. Therefore, the ideal is to increase the intake of fresh foods and reduce that of processed products.

Moreover, It is necessary to look at the origin of the calories consumed. In view of this, it is convenient to supply carbohydrates through whole grains and whole grains, the fiber of which induces satiety and improves intestinal transit.

On the other hand, regular exercise is recommended to support weight loss and muscle gain. This also helps reduce the risk of a large number of complex diseases.

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