Brașov City Hall announced on Monday the launch of the tender for the supply and installation of three outdoor music ensembles in three parks in Brașov municipality: Nicolae Titulescu, Aleea de Sub Tâmpa and Tractorul Park.

“Today we launched the tender for the implementation of the participatory budgeting project . The idea of ​​this project, according to the initiator, starts from the desire to have the greatest possible variety of common spaces for urban recreation, which would invite the people of Brasov to spend as much time as possible outdoors. In three parks in Brașov we will set up outdoor musical instruments, which will encourage creative expression and socialization with family, friends or other residents of the city. Anyone can play at them, from children, teenagers, parents, grandparents to professional musicians – the entire Brasov community”, said Allen Coliban, the mayor of Brasov.

According to the specification, the musical instruments will be built from durable materials, easy to maintain, resistant to external factors, specially designed for their use in the outdoor space.

What will parks with musical instruments look like?

The area where they will be located will be 36 square meters and will be furnished with a concrete border or a wooden frame, depending on the type of location. A rubber cushioning surface with a thickness of at least 30 mm will be mounted on the entire perimeter.

The first ensemble will include 6 outdoor musical instruments: a set of 7 Tubular Bells type, a large Babel type drum, a Babel type drum, a lyre type instrument consisting of 8 graduated circular Bell Lyre type bells, an aerophone type Handpipes instrument and a Harmony horizontal xylophone.

The second ensemble includes 4 instruments: a large Babel-type drum, an aerophone instrument of the Handpipes type, a set of 6 tubular bells of the Emperor Chimes type and a Cajon-type bench drum. The big Babel drum will be equipped with a set of cable-anchored hammers each.

The third ensemble will include 5 instruments: a set of 7 Tubular Bells type, a Sansa – Rimba Mysteria type xylophone, a set of 5 Rainbow Sambas type colored drums, a Cherub type tubular bell and a balafon (marimbas) type Akadinda.

How much will everything cost?

The estimated value of this contract is 243,696 lei.

The deadline for submitting offers is August 11.

“Arrangement of musical gardens in common spaces” is the project that received the highest number of votes in the “Relaxed city” category, in the participatory budgeting program. This year, the projects “Running track in Tractorul park”, “Safe bicycle parking”, “Urban gardens” and “Public toilet in Tractorul park” will start.

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