Tips for my first time to keep in mind

Is there any advice for that occasion we usually call ‘my first time’? In a sense yes, and we’ll tell you about it in more detail below.

If there is one moment that generates anticipation, anxiety, confusion and restlessness in almost equal parts, from the moment we are aware of it until it finally happens, it is the first sexual intercourse.

For some people the concern is related to positive issues, such as the romantic idea of ​​the union between body and soul, while for others it may be a different concern, more oriented towards questions such as: And what happens during the process? How will I feel? Will it hurt? Etc.

When it is very close to materializing, you don’t know what to do, how to prepare, how to act, you feel dizzy and, many times, you leave the situation to some divine power or destiny. It is in those cases that you should consider the following.

What advice to follow for my first time?

Although it is true that it is not possible to control 100% what the experience will be like, with some advice it is possible to reduce the anxiety that the subject produces and resolve some fundamental concerns.

1. Know if it hurts

Want to know if it hurts?

You must have asked yourself this question many times. It is perhaps the aspect that creates the most doubts, due to the fear of feeling pain on an occasion considered special. Whether it hurts or not It’s not up to you or him.

Remember that the hymen is a thin layer of skin that will be broken by penetration. The thinner or thicker it is, the discomfort will become noticeable or even go unnoticed.

Now, with this point clear, you can relax. It is something that will happen yes or yes, but it will be temporary

2. Use contraceptives

One of the essential tips for what we call “my first time” is the use of contraceptives, condoms being one of the most used methods.

And it is that in this, as well as in any other occasion in which you will have sexual intercourse, it is essential to remember the importance of prevention. This way, unwanted pregnancies will be avoided Sexually transmitted diseases.

Even if it’s your first experience, the passion of the moment can play a trick on you. Remember that there are risks that you can anticipate.

3. Avoiding high expectations is another “my first time” tip

Zero high expectations the first time

While this experience is significant in your life, Chances are, from the outset, it won’t be the most pleasant. Given the novelty of the matter, reaching orgasm will be more difficult the first few times.

Gradually, however, nerves and discomfort will give way to better meetings. Fears and doubts will gradually disappear and leave space to enjoy more in private.

On the other hand, it is normal that there are those who want to tell what their beginnings were like. Without getting carried away by what others say, this is also an opportunity to listen and learn. However. the first time will be different for each personbecause something unique happens to each one.

4. Trust your partner

At a time like this communicate with partner It will be the way for both of them to say what they want. As, that you will get more to connect and get to know each other.

Lack of confidence and restlessness are associated, for example, with erection problems in men and lubrication difficulties in women.

But if you relax and talk to your partner, everything will be easier and of course more fun. Also accept their comments to get even more out of this appointment.

5. Choosing a suitable site

Choosing a suitable site

Although you may have heard that intercourse is possible anywhere, the first time has a certain peculiarity.

The environment helps to focus all the senses on the perception of every detail. Therefore, the place will be a relevant condition to evaluate, because it will provide comfort To the couple.

Some helpful guidelines go through things like:

  • Stay in a safe, quiet space where the two of you are comfortable alone.
  • Avoid noise and other people’s interference, as they distract attention and cause more nerves.
  • Having a bed or sofa will allow you to have a safe place.
  • Include pleasant lighting or soft aromas that promote relaxation.

Will you remember these tips for that ‘my first time’?

With these suggestions We have reviewed some of the main ideas to contemplate in the first intimate encounters. These will be a stage in which you test what you have heard.

It may not be the best sexual experience you will have, but it can be a moment to remember, thanks to all the details that go along with the adventure.

Relax and enjoy. Even if uncomfortable situations arise, you will learn to function in this field.

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