Tips to deal with the weekend if you suffer from anxiety

Anxiety is a state in which people experience constant fear and restlessness. Therefore, they think that a lot of bad things will happen to him.

Furthermore, they present physiological alterations. High levels of stress cause your heart rate to accelerate, you feel breathless and may feel dizzy.

Several experts have found that Sunday is the day people can feel most anxious.. For this reason, in this article we will tell you what causes them and what can be done to avoid those complex weekend sensations.

Why is Sunday the day that generates the most anxiety?

After a analyses In detail, a group of researchers has come to the conclusion that there are many factors that contribute to making Sunday a day full of anxiety.

The first is that, towards the afternoon, people tend to remember all the work commitments they left unfinished on Friday. Therefore, they begin to be filled with restlessness.

Besides this, secondly, Another trigger is that Saturdays are the day you feel the most exhilarated. Typically you go out to a party and share with your loved ones.

In this way, on Sundays, people can feel below realizing that in the following days they will again assume different responsibilities and will not be able to enjoy such “freedom”. Plus, they’ll have to wait a long time to enjoy a Saturday again.

Likewise, third and last, it has been found that living alone also has a lot to do with it. Having been with several friends over the weekend, people may get bored knowing that during the week it will be harder for them to stay in touch with those social ties.

Woman anxious at the weekend.

Tips to deal with this problem on the weekend

Having known this reality, psychologists stated that to avoid it fear of Sunday it is essential to complete all relevant tasks before the weekend begins. Then there will be no time for the earrings to appear in the mind on the last day off.

Furthermore, they indicated that it is essential that, when Friday is about to end, all people analyze the negative aspects they have experienced and look for a solution. In this way, during the weekend they will not feel that these adverse situations will put them in difficulty again.

Moreover, It is very helpful that a space is opened for them on Sundays to plan the fun things they will do during the week. Thus, it is possible to balance the emotions and prevent negative thoughts.

Likewise, they affirmed that it is essential to give oneself the opportunity to contemplate that work is essential in people’s lives because it allows them to earn sufficient income to cover basic needs and save money. Even for many unique plans.

Therefore, it should not be classified as a stressful scenario, but should be rated to the max. Likewise, it should be exercised with all the passion in the world.

Finally, they added that writing down thoughts you have is important for battling anxiety. Through this exercise it is possible to detect which are the aspects that generate discomfort and to look for the best alternatives to overcome them.

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