Top 6 tips to remove oily sheen from face

Many women have a greasy sheen on their faces, especially around the forehead, nose and chin. This excess sebum is not only due to the type of products they use to cleanse their face, but also to other factors, such as where they live and the time of year.

Tips for removing oily sheen from face

Would it be possible to control or get rid of oily sheen on face naturally? Currently yes. But you have to improve some lifestyle habits and adopt some guidelines, such as the ones we will discuss below.

1. Watch out for fat in your diet

Potatoes in the fryer.

To balance the oily sheen of the face we need to take into account what types of fats we include in the diet. It’s not about removing them from the menus, but about choose the ones that are of good quality and benefit us and eliminate the processed ones.

Foods that contain harmful fats are refined oils, pre-cooked and ultra-processed foods, fried foods, pastries and other processed foods.

Instead, sources of healthy fats are: olive oil, avocados, oily fish, nuts and seeds.

7. Rice paper

This trick is essential to get rid of the shine and immediately get a matte effect on the skin. Therefore, it’s not a permanent fix, but it is a remedy to carry in the purse.

Asian women have been using rice paper for centuries. We just have to pass one of these fine papers around the area so that it absorbs the grease immediately. Smart, right?

In conclusion, to keep the oily sheen of the face in check the most appropriate thing is to follow the dermatologist’s recommendations. The guidelines we have provided here are indicative and do not replace professional advice in any case.

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