Romania has three bankers with annual earnings of over 1 million euros – two from top management and one from supervision, just like Portugal, Hungary and Slovenia, while Greece has no top bankers, Bulgaria and Malta have only one millionaire banker, and Cyprus has two bankers.

At the opposite pole, the most millionaire bankers in euros are in Spain (128), Italy (187), France (228) and Germany (543), according to the statistics of the European Banking Authority (EBA) published in 2022 on the state of earnings in 2020 cited by ZF.

Considering the average annual remuneration of the two management bankers in Romania, of around 1.54 million euros, the monthly earnings would be over 128,000 euros, and that of each working day of a month would reach around 6,000 euro. This means a monthly gain of the two bankers in management about 10 times higher than the average net salary in the economy.

Top bankers in Europe

For the Romanian banker with a position in the supervision area, the average annual salary was around 1.27 million euros, the monthly earnings being in this case 106,000 euros (5,000 euros/day).

Bankers continue to be among the best paid employees in the Romanian economy.

The last few years have brought ever higher profits for the banking system. The Romanian banking system, made up of 34 banks, ended 2021 with a record profit of 8.2 billion lei, after in 2020 the profit was around 5 billion lei.

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