Treatment of zipper injuries

Injuries caused by zippers are not easy to treat. This happens because, in most cases, the genitourinary system is involved. The injuries could also be very serious.

Many zipper injuries require sophisticated tools and skilled hands. to treat them properly.

The article “A new surgical technique for the treatment of penile zipper injuries” discusses a case of zipper injuries in which an operation is required. Let’s see why the injury is so serious and the steps to take to resolve the situation.

Zipper injuries requiring surgery

Worried boy with his hands in his pants.
Many zipper injuries require sophisticated surgery.

The skin on the penis is at great risk for zipper injuries.. In fact, cases like these are not uncommon in the emergency room. Many times, by chance, the foreskin gets caught in the zipper teeth. According to the cited article, this usually happens more frequently in children.

Such a situation could not be more painful and distressing. However, thanks to the new technique that we will explain below, it has a simple solution.

Treatment of zipper injuries


  • Needle holder
  • Lubricant
  • Anesthesia


  • The patient is given a local anesthetic on the penis.
  • The lube will help reduce friction and will be applied between the zipper teeth and your skin.
  • With the needle holder in one hand, gently pull your other hand on the zipper to release the skin.

In some cases it is necessary to make a small incision in the skin of the foreskin. In others, there may be a risk of infection due to the severity of the injury and bleeding. Doctors will determine whether or not you need to take antibiotics.

Consequences of zipper injuries

Injuries caused by zippers usually resolve with the treatment we explained above. However, These types of injuries can manifest themselves in different ways.. Let’s see some of them:

  • bruises: These occur when the skin is not fully trapped in the zipper. So it causes a kind of rubbing that can hurt and become inflamed. It’s usually not serious. Sometimes bruises may appear.
  • lacerations: Occur when part of the skin on the penis has broken down. It is not, therefore, a superficial lesion. In some cases it can cause heavy bleeding, so you are advised to go to the emergency room as soon as possible.
  • grazes: It happens when the torn part of the skin leaves the dermis visible. This type of injury usually presents with bleeding and is difficult to heal. The best thing in these cases is, as in the previous one, to go to the emergency room, because the wound could become infected.
  • tears: It is one of the most serious zipper injuries. They require immediate surgery. Bleeding from tears is usually quite profuse.
Man with a danger sign on his penis.
Severe damage to the zipper has been reported.

All of these injuries can be considered serious the moment the zipper gets stuck and we can’t free the skin.

Trying to do it yourself can cause a laceration to end in a tear or that a bruise ends in excoriation.

The best thing in these cases is to go to the nearest medical center. There they will do what is necessary to properly treat the wound.


As we pointed out at the beginning, children are most affected by these injuries. To do this, we can take several measures. For example, don’t buy jeans with a zipper. Fortunately, today, we can find them without them.

Even adultsHaste can play tricks on us. So let’s make sure everything is in place before zipping it.

This simple gesture will save us a lot of pain, as well as having to visit the doctor if the skin gets caught in the zipper and we can’t free it easily.

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