Types of burns: learn to distinguish them

Although there are different types of burns, they are defined as a injury to the skin or other body tissues caused by chemical or physical agents such as the sun, heat, chemicals, radiation or electricity.

A burn causes cell destruction edema (swelling) and fluid loss due to destruction of blood vessels.

Burns usually cause the expulsion of a clear liquid similar to water. The types of burns depend on the severity of the same: there are first degree, second degree and third degree burns.

types of burns

How to know if it's serious
  • First degree burns: Within the types of burns, these are considered the least severe. They produce superficial damage, i.e. they damage only the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). First-degree burns leave no sequelae.
  • Second degree burns: The outer layer of skin and the layer underneath are damaged. They are also known as partial thickness burns and involve a loss of skin function. They can be superficial or deep.
  • Third degree burns: These are the most serious burns. The epidermis and dermis are destroyed and the skin is damaged. tissue subcutaneous adipose (fat), nerves, muscles and even bones. The patient may lose sensation in the affected area.

How to distinguish the types of burns?

To differentiate between minor and major burns it is necessary to evaluate the degree of tissue damage. Different degrees of burns have different signs and symptoms. Therefore, knowing these symptoms, we can distinguish the different types of burns.

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