United States intelligence has analyzed footage from hundreds of recent UFO encounters, and now they want Americans to know one thing: UFOs are not aliens.

According to US Department of Defense (DoD) officials who spoke anonymously to reporters at The New York Timesmany of the recent UFO encounters, or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) as the government calls them, are most likely just surveillance operations undertaken by other countries or simply “airborne junk” such as weather balloons.

Numerous UAP incidents have been officially identified as “relatively common” Chinese drones, the officials said on condition of anonymity. China has previously stolen plans for advanced US fighter jets and is currently interested in how US pilots are trained, the officials added, according to LiveScience.

Airborne objects that violate the laws of physics, just optical illusions?

Other incidents of UAPs recorded by military aircraft that appear to show airborne objects defying the laws of physics are most likely the results of optical illusions. That includes the infamous footage known as “GOFAST,” which was recorded by a US Navy aircraft carrier and made public in 2018. The footage, along with two other military incidents involving UAPs, was in the later declassified by the US Government.

A classified report on the UAP was recently sent to the United States Congress, and the document most likely includes the accounts that appeared in the NYT. The new report details the cases described in a document that officials released in June 2021, which described 144 UAP incidents reported by US government personnel between 2004 and 2021.

The report makes no reference to aliens at all

The 2021 report acknowledged that due to a paucity of high-quality data, most UAP encounters could not be conclusively explained. However, the report offered few explanations for UAPs in general, including “technology sent by China, Russia, other nations, or a non-governmental entity” as well as “airborne debris” such as birds and weather balloons.

Although the report makes no reference to aliens at all, that hasn’t stopped netizens from speculating about possible conspiracy theories, especially considering the fact that the United States Government isn’t very good at being transparent when it comes to Unidentified Flying Objects.

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