Ultra-processed foods increase cellular aging

The consumption of ultra-processed foods is able to increase cellular aging. The low amounts of micronutrients in these products and their high caloric density help to promote oxidation processes. This can also lead to an increased risk of developing diseases in the medium to long term.

A healthy diet should be based on the consumption of fresh foods. Vegetables, for example, have high amounts of phytochemicals in their composition that help fight the appearance of free radicals. These micronutrients are also able to reduce the damage suffered by cells over time.

Below we will show you why you should eliminate, or at least reduce, the consumption of ultra-processed foods in your daily diet.

Ultra-processed foods contain trans fatty acids

Lipids are necessary for the body. They participate in a multitude of physiological reactions. They are responsible, among other things, for hormonal homeostasis and for the transport and storage of fat-soluble vitamins.

However, there are several lipid classes:

  • The mono and polyunsaturates: They are considered healthy and their consumption is promoted.
  • saturated fats: As for them, there is some controversy. Further research is needed to assign them a precise cataloging.
  • trans fats, present in ultra-processed foods: there is uniform consensus on them. Regular intake of this type of lipid increases inflammatory processes and cellular aging, as stated by a article published in the magazine Advances in nutrition.
eat trans fats
Trans fats are related to inflammatory problems and being overweight. Therefore, it is recommended to limit its consumption as much as possible.

Acrylamide is present in ultra-processed foods

In addition to these lipids with anti-inflammatory capabilities, ultra-processed foods contain other substances harmful to health. An example of these is acrylamide, a waste product obtained by subjecting starches to high temperatures.

This substance has the ability to accelerate the processes of cell damage and aging. Its habitual intake is associated with an increased risk of developing diseases complex diseases, such as cancer, according to a article published in the magazine International Journal of Cancer.

For this reason it is recommended to reduce the consumption of foods that may contain this type of substance in their composition. Both ultra-processed, fried and battered foods are likely to exhibit this toxin.

To avoid the formation of acrylamide it is recommended to cook starchy foods at low temperatures. Cooking them in water is the best option when it comes to reducing their teratogenic activity.

contraindicated foods

Its energy density is high

ultra-processed foods They are characterized by being rich in fats and sugars. This increases their energy density, while worsening markers associated with metabolic health.

This excessive consumption of sugars and trans fats It is also capable of damaging the microbiota. Alterations occur in its diversity, causing problems in digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

For this reason it is recommended to reduce the consumption of this class of products. Instead, it is advisable to favor the intake of fresh foods, such as fish and vegetables. It is essential to ensure the supply of dietary antioxidants to help, in this way, the body to counteract the aging process.

Reduce consumption of ultra-processed foods

As we have said, ultra-processed foods are characterized by having a high caloric density and a low content of essential micronutrients. They are rich in simple sugarssubstances linked to poor metabolic health.

Moreover, they contain trans fats, which cause inflammation and the promotion of cellular aging. On top of that, its composition contains waste products, such as acrylamide. These favor the appearance of cancer and increase the risk of developing complex diseases.

For this reason, It is recommended to limit the intake. However, it is difficult to get rid of them completely, as they are too present in our routine. It could be enough to reduce consumption, at the same time increasing the intake of fresh foods.

It is important to ensure the supply of plant productsrich in antioxidants responsible for fighting the formation of free radicals and cellular ageing.

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