Uses of silica gel for the home that you may not know about

If they tell you about silica gel first, you may not know what they mean. By silica gel we mean silica gel. That is to say those bags with hard pellets inside that come in small cellulose bags.

This product with absorbent properties can be used in different ways, you just need to know how to do it. Here are some valuable ideas to put into practice.

What is Silica Gel?

We find silica gel pellets most commonly in shoeboxes or inside purses. This is because this substance has great absorbent properties; Indeed, It is the product that is best able to collect humidity from the environment.

It’s a chemical substance that is crystalline in color and appearance, porous, inert, and odorless. It cannot be dissolved in water or any liquid.

Natural silica gel has very beneficial properties.

Its properties are amazing, and that’s why in this article we want to tell you what uses they can have in our home.

That it is such a popular product is due to the fact that it contains silicon dioxide. This sodium solicate-based substance has the main feature of absorbing moisture.

Uses of silica gel at home

Usually, these sachets do not come with instructions for use. For this reason, not knowing what we can do with them, many times they end up in the trash.

On the packaging it says only: “silica gel”, and so on It is a product that must not be ingested under any circumstances. However, we want to tell you about other uses you can give it.

Plus, if you’ve been keeping bags for years, now it’s your chance to bring them to light. You can use them instead of keeping them in a drawer.

There are numerous types of tools.

avoid oxidation

You can increase the life of your razor blades if at each use you keep them in a drawer with this absorbent product. Any moisture that may remain on the blades will dry and not cause the blades to rust.

Furthermore, if you want to avoid the oxidation of your toolsput a couple of envelopes in your box. Your tools will stay perfect for longer.

Recover your wet smartphone

Have you had bad luck and an oversight caused your smartphone to get wet? You can use these silica gel sachets to absorb moisture.

We all know the home remedy of putting your cell phone in rice; However, if you have these balls it will be much more beneficial and you will get better results.

Avoid wetting the paper

Another use is take care of the quality of the old photographs. If you fear your photos will deteriorate over time, we recommend placing them in a box with a couple of silica gel sachets.

just like take care of the photographsit is also a good idea for storing valuable documents. A simple and effective remedy.

There are various types of travel suitcases.

Keeps coats, suitcases and backpacks dry

Leather sweats and furs are a delicate garment that requires some care. To prevent them from getting damaged, you can put some silica gel in the pockets.

Also, you can put them inside your sports backpack. In addition to moisture, it is also capable of absorbing bad smells.

Suffer because suitcases that remain closed for several months can they get damaged, have a bad smell or have humidity? Don’t hesitate, put these little bags inside. So you can rest assured that they will stay dry and as good as new.

Other uses of silica gel

In addition to all of the above, manages to remove moisture from fogged windshield. With the simple gesture of placing a few bags on the dashboard, you’ll see how the glass doesn’t fog up again so easily.

Likewise, maintains the qualities of the seeds. If you are an avid gardener and buy a large quantity of seeds, you can place a couple of bags of silica gel in the same box you store them in. This way you will ensure that they do not spoil and last longer.

And naturally, can be introduced in large bags of I think for the animals. If you live in a humid area, don’t worry if your food gets wet. This will stay dry. Of course, don’t forget to take them out and be careful that the bags don’t break.

Silica gel sachets are used for many different things.

How could you verify, There are many uses for these types of bags. If you can come up with an item, garment or piece of furniture that you think is easily damp and can become damaged over time, place silica gel nearby to keep it in better condition.

And you, what do you do with silica gel sachets?

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