Vitamin C cream: antioxidant and skin regenerator

Health experts and dermatology specialists are aware of the importance of caring for and promoting the health of our skin. Here because, Vitamin C cream is one of the most recommended by specialists.

This, in addition to keeping the skin hydrated, has multiple properties. that they do considered one of the essential products for maintaining a skin surface in perfect condition. It is ideal to protect us from all the negative effects that agents located abroad can cause.

What is vitamin C and what is it for?

Vitamins to strengthen the immune system

According to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, vitamin C is an essential and necessary substance for the proper functioning of the human body. Moreover promotes the formation of vitamin E, essential for healthy skin.

The human body does not have the ability to produce or accumulate vitamin C for a long time, in fact we find it in our skin, but at very low levels. For this reason, it must be achieved through foods, supplements or creams.

Why is Vitamin C cream so important for skin?

How vitamins work.

Among the most important properties of this vitamin highlights its function as a powerful antioxidant. In addition to protecting the skin from premature aging due to solar radiation.

According to studies, it is advisable to apply vitamin C cream directly on the surface of our skin. In this way we will get:

  • Decrease the early appearance of the signs of aging.
  • Prevent the appearance of blemishes, marked expression lines or wrinkles.
  • Regenerates skin cells, restoring its characteristic flexibility and tone to the skin.

This is why vitamin C creams have become so popular in women’s skin care, especially in the ranges anti age.

Different skin products with vitamin C

1. Cream formulation

Normally, we can find products with vitamin C in pure form. Among them we can find vitamin C cream. These are usually a good complement restore luminosity to the skin. Furthermore, they could significantly reduce wrinkles and blemishes.

2. Serums

Argan serum.

The cosmetics market has also launched serums capable of offering maximum hydration, preventing and reducing the signs of aging. Also, according to Consumer Reports, these products stimulate the production of collagenimportant to properly hydrate the skin.

Now that you know a little more about vitamin C cream, take advantage of the options available to you. Next, think about which ones are best for you based on your skin type and preferences. We must not forget that in case of doubt the best is always consult a specialist dermatologist.

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