Water fountains: 6 ideas for decorating your garden

Water fountains are one of the most classic elements when it comes to decorating gardens. Not just because they help complement that natural feel, but because they provide balance. And it is that, without a doubt, the water element is needed not only for its beauty, but also for its sweet musicality.

Since the home is the most precious place we have, we try to make all its spaces a pleasant, welcoming place and, of course, with a personalized style that invites us to rest. and help us get rid of the daily grind.

If we have a garden and haven’t taken care of it yet, we might well consider installing a small water fountain. We will tell you more about it below.

garden water fountains

traditional character

Water fountains should fit within the space available. For this reason it is not recommended to place a large fountain in a small garden. You have to maintain a visual balance in order not to break the harmony.

A key tip when looking for water sources for our outdoor space is: look at the various options. In view of the fact that we may not know which one to put at first, the best thing will be to look for alternatives that allow us to imagine how beautiful they would be and if they are to our complete liking. A partial approval indicates that we have not found the definitive option.

Keep this in mind, especially since water sources are usually not changed frequently. In fact, it’s usually a one-time investment, since the idea is that they last a lifetime. Obviously everything will depend on our lifestyle, budget and ideas.

Make sure the material is strong. In general, water springs are usually made of stone as this material almost never wears out when exposed to the elements.

You can choose to install one or more water fountains. For example, Zen gardens usually have several small water fountains. It is a great option as they facilitate their maintenance, have a very discreet look and give a lot of refinement to the set. Now we will tell you more about the different styles of water fountains you can choose from.

traditional water sources

THE sources of water have been part of the external decoration since ancient times. The more artistic and elaborate they are, the more classic they are. Sculptors and Ancient Greece and Rome were, without a doubt, the forerunners of most designs.

Later, with the advent of the Baroque style, the more elaborate stone water fountains consolidated into the “traditional” category. This type of fountain can give your garden a lavish look. It creates a certain air of majesty, typical of the great characters of history.

cascading water fountains


The cascading waterfalls add musicality and this, in turn, gives a very pleasant feeling of peace and tranquility. Therefore, this type of water fountains is one of the most popular.

water fountains on a wall

If you are looking to give your garden a more elegant look, this is the right option for you. Since the design in the water fall, it helps give a more modern and sophisticated feel to the space. With this type of drinking fountains you will conquer all your guests.

water fountains with statues

fountains with statue

THE statues They were once made to capture the image of a hero or public figure, gradually adapting to spaces and often in the form of water fountains. This font plays with symbology and gives it a certain air of mysticism to your garden

water fountains with lights

Although we know that lights play a very important role in decoration, if you have a flashy garden and have a large space without “using” this type of fountain is ideal for you.

Furthermore, this fountain is ideal for giving a romantic look to the garden. Ideal for special occasions

glass water fountains

glass fountain

Glass finishes have been used to give more sophisticated and futuristic touches to large structures in order to attract the attention of onlookers.

The abstract shapes give it an innovative and unique look. This type of fountain is one of the most recommended for decorating your garden in a different way from the traditional one.

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