What are the health effects of refined sugar?

The consumption of refined sugar has a number of health effects which are mainly due to its interference in metabolic function. That is, to its ability to modify the processes through which we generate internal energy. In general, it is advisable to moderate its consumption, except in the case of sportsmen.

Despite everything, the number of products that contain this substance in their composition has increased in recent years. Refined sugar is able to improve the organoleptic qualities of foods, which affects consumer satisfaction, as it improves their appearance and taste.

For this reason fats have been progressively replaced by this nutrient. It is less caloric, of course, but it is more harmful in the medium and long term, as we will see later. Read on to find out.

Refined sugar affects metabolic health

One of the effects of refined sugar is the generation of pancreatic stress after its ingestion, stimulate insulin production to modulate blood glucose levels. In the event of failure to regulate said blood sugar, a dangerous pathological situation would occur.

When we ingest this variety of glucose with commercial products, the body is instructed to release large amounts of the hormone insulin (produced in the pancreas) in order to act quickly. This is the \It\him pancreatic stressas a usually slower metabolism is accelerated.

If insulin is released in large quantities, regularly and continuously, cells lose sensitivity to it, so it becomes less efficient. Under this kind of situation it is necessary for the pancreas to generate more and more hormone to induce a similar effect, which worsens the function of the organ.

Therefore, the frequent consumption of refined sugar is a risk factor for the development of pathologies such as type 2 diabetes, according to a research published in the journal Advances in nutrition. Diabetes, in turn, increases the risk of other diseases, especially vascular. Furthermore, it is an irreversible process and once it occurs, it can be managed and cured, but not cured.

The doctor holds a pancreas
Refined sugar stresses the pancreas, leading to insulin resistance

Consumption of refined sugar and cancer

Another suspected consequence of regular consumption of refined sugar is an increase in the incidence of certain types of cancer, especially those related to digestive system. Glucose is the main energy fuel for tumors, therefore Providing this mass of abnormal cells with simple sugar could be one reason it stimulates their growth.

THE scientific literature defends that the reduction of the consumption of simple carbohydrates and, even, the application of the ketogenic diet in certain situations, is able to decrease the risk of developing tumors. This, of course, is framed in the presence or absence of other cancer risk factors.

In any case, restrictive food plans don’t always have a high degree of adherence. For this reason, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of refined sugar, instead of eliminating it completely from the diet.

The importance of metabolic flexibility

Both when it comes to reducing body weight and improving health, one concept must be taken into account that can be fundamental. This is metabolic flexibility.

This concept refers to the body’s ability to use the different nutrients available for energy. Having little metabolic flexibility could make it difficult weight lossas well as reducing performance in many athletes.

Eating refined sugar on a regular basis could negatively impact health by reducing a person’s metabolic flexibility. To improve this situation, partial carbohydrate restriction and the use of intermittent fasting protocols are recommended.

Recent studies show a strong relationship between the implementation of these protocols and increased metabolic flexibility. It is suggested that the findings might be generally applicable, but more extensive and long-term investigations in humans are needed to obtain a stronger level of evidence.

Refined sugars and health
Refined sugar has been linked to digestive tract cancers and dangerous metabolic changes when used in excess

Reducing the consumption of refined sugar has a positive effect on health

As we have explained, reducing the consumption of refined sugar can have favorable effects in improving health. Furthermore, this strategy will also allow you to reduce subcutaneous fat and improve body composition.

This situation will result in a lower risk of developing metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. In this way, many of the leading causes of mortality can be addressed with a diet that controls their intake carbohydratesmaintaining not excessive levels of the same.

It’s not necessary to completely deprive yourself of foods that contain this nutrient, especially if you’re an athlete, but you should monitor your intake. Ideally, they shouldn’t be part of your usual diet.

Prioritizing the consumption of fresh foods over ultra-processed products, rich in refined sugars and trans fats, it will bring significant benefits. Plus, you’ll feel less bloated and lower your blood sugar level inflammation of the whole body.

If you’re not sure which foods may contain sugar, talk to a nutrition professional so they can tell you how to improve your diet the easy way. Similarly, get used to reading the label of what you buy.

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