Italy, Great Britain and Spain lead the list of the most popular destinations in Europe these months among Romanians, according to a recent study.

According to the data published by for the period September 15 – December 1, 2022, Italy, Great Britain and Spain, countries where there are large communities of Romanians, but which are also frequently chosen by tourists, lead the list of the most popular destinations in Europe in these months.

As expected, being the country with the largest variety of cities that can be flown to from Romania, Italy occupies the first position in the list of the most popular European destinations this fall. This is followed by Great Britain and Spain, which dominate the ranking both in terms of the number of bookings and in terms of actual tickets.

List of the most popular destinations in the autumn months

The list of the most popular destinations is completed in the autumn months by Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland, Holland, Greece, Austria, Denmark, Portugal and Turkey, countries frequently chosen by Romanian tourists for city breaks, the favorite holidays of this season .

The company’s representatives claim that countries such as Austria, Portugal and Spain have the highest number of bookings by two people, a sign that these destinations are predominantly chosen by traveling couples.

In terms of the time between booking the flight and making the trip, it seems to be returning to pre-pandemic intervals. If before, against the backdrop of restrictions and last-minute changes, Romanians booked their flight as close as possible to the departure date, now they book, on average, 34 days before departure. According to data provided by, flights to Portugal have the largest window, being booked 54 days in advance, while flights to Ireland are the most spontaneous, being booked only 19 days in advance.

Travelers are now booking trips further in advance

Travelers are now booking their trips further in advance thanks to the many travel protection products that have emerged as a result of pandemic contingencies. Thus, 26% of those who booked flights through included at least one such product in their package.

According to the company’s data, the most popular destinations are also the cheapest. For example, the average price for a ticket to Italy costs 80 euros, the cheapest flight this fall. Cheap flights can also be found to Belgium, Austria and Denmark, which are also destinations to which several airlines fly.

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