What clothes should I wear to practice yoga? 5 recommendations

You have already learned about the benefits of yoga and have been encouraged to start your journey to becoming a
“yogi”? So, the time has come to choose the best clothes for practicing yoga because, after all, Your clothing choices can be decisive for the success of the sport.

As you read, the clothes you buy will either help you do the exercises… or make life difficult for you. Therefore, when choosing clothes you should look for one that is comfortable, stretchy, and durable.

clothes to practice yoga

It’s not about spending a lot of money. You can search the clothes you already have for items that you may need; but always keep in mind that each garment must be:

  • Comfortable: Ideally, you can focus on exercising. Keep in mind that any discomfort will cause you to lose focus. It is recommended that the clothing is neither too loose nor too tight.
  • Very stretchy: Yoga poses make you move your body in ways you normally wouldn’t, so your clothes should move with you.
  • Durable – you’ll stay on the floor for a long time. Therefore, to make a lasting investment and avoid accidents while practicing this discipline, the ideal thing is to wear quality clothing.

Next, we will go through each of the five basic garments that will accompany you in practice of this wonderful sport. Grab a pen and paper and take notes.

1. Cotton or Lycra pants

There are two important things you should consider when choosing pants: be it stretchy so it doesn’t restrict your movement, but not too loose or heavy because it may cause you discomfort and imbalance.

Lycra trousers or leggings They are ideal for practicing yoga. However, some points need to be taken into consideration when choosing the ideal pants. It shouldn’t be too tight or cut at the waist, because the last thing you want is to end up showing your underwear to the whole class.

Also, you can wear cotton pants like jogging practice yoga. Having elastic waist and ankles but being wide on the rest of the leg, they will allow you to move without discomfort during the exercise.

practice yoga

2. Ethnic Pants

If you don’t really like the possibility of having tight pants and want total freedom. So, ethnic type pants, generally with a loose boot, are also a great option for practicing yoga. If you choose this type of trousers, we recommend that they are of the capri or fisherman type, so that the wide boot does not bother you when you go for a asanas.

3. Sleeveless or wide sleeved T-shirt

The perfect shirt for yoga is the one that doesn’t bother you when you move your arms. Therefore, if the weather permits, sleeveless shirts are ideal. A stretch cotton shirt will also work. It will also help you if you sweat a lot, as the jersey material will absorb moisture.

4. Light shoes

If you do a quick search for yoga images on the internet, you’ll see that no one is wearing shoes in the photos of people practicing this discipline. This doesn’t mean that’s your case. If you want to wear shoes, or the weather doesn’t allow you to be barefoot, You should choose light, comfortable and elastic shoes.

Additionally, you can use non-slip socks or stockings. Several sportswear brands have produced special footwear for yoga practice. These are canvas shoes, without laces, with a very thin sole adapted to the foot that does not cause discomfort during activities. postures.

5. Underwear for practicing yoga

practice yoga

A special recommendation for girls. Forget about wearing a bra or bra with uncomfortable underwire and hooks. Underwear is an important issue when doing yoga and THE tops sports bras or no closure bras are the best option. Even if you are in an air-conditioned environment or in a hot climate and feel comfortable, you can only use the sports top without a shirt.

Also, you have to choose well tights or the panties you’ll be wearing, because you don’t want to have one that’s too big and restricts you from moving, or one that’s too small and tight. A thong is a great option. For boys, it’s ideal that they wear underwear briefs or a boxer that’s not too tight.

Clothes for practicing yoga should be comfortable

These tips can help you get started on your yoga journey. However, it will be practice that will help you determine in which clothes you will feel better and freer to move.

Remember that this discipline, in addition to allowing you to exercise and maintain an active lifestyle, should therefore generate well-being and relaxation the clothes you wear shouldn’t cause you stress.

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