What does “paraphilia” mean and what types are there?

It is known by “paraphilia” the Unconventional fantasies or sexual acts. Arousal is interpreted to occur through the fulfillment of these fantasies. For example, including objects, animals, or other people who reject the relationship is part of the paraphilia.

Paraphilia is known as an irrepressible desire, which goes beyond the will of the people. Sufferers of some type of paraphilia generally do not seek psychological treatment. Rather they take it as a normal condition of their intimate life. What to the rest of society seems extremely extravagant and incomprehensible. Some types of paraphilia are even punishable by law.

Types of paraphilia

the paraphilia it can be mild, moderate, or severe. In the first group there are those that are rarely expressed or manifested. Then there are the more explicit, but still controlled behaviors. And at the last extreme are those who completely dominate people’s lives.

Second an article published in 2000 in the journal Archivo Médico de Camagüeythe fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV) lists exhibitionism, fetishism, froteurism, pedophilia, masochism, voyeurism, and unclassified paraphilia as paraphilias.

On the other hand, the American Psychiatric Association The fifth edition of the DSM was released in 2013.. In this new edition, paraphilic disorders are classified into 8 large groups: voyeurism, exhibitionism, frotteurism, sadism, masochism, pedophilia, fetishism, transvestism. The rest of the paraphilias are grouped into the category of unspecified paraphilic disorder.

1. Exhibitionism

Exhibitionism is a type of paraphilia.

Consists of reach ecstasy showing your genitals to others who are routinely taken aback. In other cases, what exhibitionists do is masturbate in public. The greatest satisfaction is to observe the reaction of the people.

Exhibitionism may be less obviousincluding behaviors such as showing most of the body without clothes or making others look at and denote that person’s presence.

2. Masochism

A sexual game is practiced in which blows are encouraged or the movements of the couple are inhibited. It also consists of being humiliated and undergoing all kinds of humiliation. In this way the hidden desires to be dominated are satisfied. The most common is an RPG in which one takes the place of the dominant and the other dominated.

The masochist seeks sexual arousal and pleasure in physical and emotional pain. Likewise, you may actively seek out social humiliation as a means of gratification.

The fifth edition of the DSM divides this paraphilia into 2 different types, masochism and sexual sadism. Masochism involves arousal from being beaten, humiliated, or subdued by a partner. For its part, sexual sadism refers to the arousal that occurs when one physically or psychologically submits another person.

3. Fetishism

Elements for having kinky sex.

You need to include elements in sex that you have an obsession with. High-heeled shoes are very wearable. common among those suffering from this type of paraphilia.

Therefore, what is wrong is the object upon which sexual desire is produced. Not only is it not that of a person, but it moves towards an inanimate object.

Transvestism is a specific type of fetishist paraphilia that some books consider an additional paraphilia. In this case, the person is aroused by wearing clothes of the opposite sex. This type of fetish is not illegal and is only a pathology when it causes anxiety in the sufferer and prevents them from leading a normal life.

4. Necrophilia

Both in imagination and in practice, necrophiliacs like immobile bodies. To be more precise, they get real pleasure having sex with corpses. Several films, in fact, show scenes of this type that show a reality that is difficult to understand.

5. Voyeurism

People suffering from this paraphilia get excited about the risk of being caught spying on others. They can see people naked or having sex. A large percentage masturbate while watching, but always very well hidden.

6. Suffocation

The main feature of this sexual behavior is strangling the partner during intercourse. The pressure is strong enough to arouse, but not strong enough to cause any real damage. However, they must be attentive to the reaction of the person being choked to avoid unintentional accidents.

7. Scopophilia

Unlike voyeurism, people with this paraphilia enjoy openly looking at others when having sex. Some even reach orgasm watching their partner in bed with a third person.

8. Pedophilia

Pedophilia is a type of paraphilia punishable by law.

One of the most repudiated types of paraphilia by all societies. It is a crime that all nations and cultures wish to fight. Pedophiles experience sexual arousal with children. Some are content just to imagine them, but others go much further. Child pornography and sexual assaults with the typical behaviors, sadly.

9. Frotteurism

The out of place that in any public place they rub their genitals against ordinary people. In the subways, on buses or waiting to enter a concert, for example, they take courage. They take advantage of the little space to support their members in some casualties.

10. Zoophilia

sexual arousal it is made with animals. Zoophilia can be differentiated as sexual attraction and bestiality as the act itself. In some countries it is illegal, while others have no explicit legislation about it.

People with asocial paraphilias often feel like they are victims of themselves. Those seeking professional help undergo treatment to control possible compulsive seizures. Duress is the cause of many crimes related to paraphilia.

Many fall into different paraphilias due to the need to prove to themselves that they have power. Another cause is the desire to prove that you can take risks and be victorious.

Paraphilias have been present throughout human history and they were defined as perversion. With technological progress, the types among which they can be classified have increased. Likewise, new deviations have arisen with the use of elements that did not exist before.

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