What foods affect the vocal cords?

You don’t have to be a singer, announcer or TV presenter to take care of your voice. We may not give it the attention it deserves until overnight we become hoarse and find it difficult to communicate. Bad habits and some foods we eat without realizing it, it could damage your vocal cords.

We’ll tell you which foods affect your vocal cords so limit your intake to prevent medium-term problems.

Maintain good vocal hygiene

The voice is needed to convey emotions and words. However, we don’t take care of it as it deserves. For example, yelling or speaking loudly and quickly are two gods inappropriate behaviors that damage the voice and vocal cords. Stress, menstrual cycles and climate are the second most common causes of hoarseness and hoarseness.

The larynx is protected by the mucous membrane. Many agents can cause irritation or dryness and, consequently, vocal dysfunctions.

Next, we present a list of the worst habits that we tend to do unintentionally and that damage our voice.

not breathing properly

We usually breathe intermittently and incompletely. The lungs don’t fill properly, which causes speech problems. It is recommended to use the call “diaphragmatic breathing“. The air must be settled in the abdomen so that the diaphragm serves as a support and that the vocal cords vibrate during exhalation.

What happens to my lungs when I exercise?
During exercise, energy demand increases, so the lungs increase their respiratory rate.

Maintain bad posture

It is necessary to sit or stand in such a way that the diaphragm does not go down. In this way the breath will be free and total. When talking on the phone, for example, it is recommended not to rest the device on the side of the neck to hold it, because this closes the vocal cords. The best position to speak is keeping the larynx straight.


A very common evil is clearing the throat every now and then when it bothers us or we feel that something is irritating us. This practice is harmful because the mucous membranes covering the vocal cords become inflamed and, in turn, because the agent causing the sensation is not always eliminated when the throat is cleared.

A good technique when the sensation of irritation takes over the throat is to open the mouth wide so that the yawn or drink warm water in one gulp.

eat mint

Mint leaves
Menthol might decrease the intensity of migraine signs.

Peppermint candies promise us a relief and a refreshment for the throat, but this is not true. Actually they have substances that irritate the throat more and that make us increasingly need to consume another pill.

Better is a candy without sugar, preferably honey or lemon, and drink a good amount of water. A tea with these two ingredients is also a great option.

Eat salty, spicy or sweet foods

All of them dry our throats and make our throats clear. French fries, peppers or pastries are the main enemies of the voice. However, spicy foods should be included in the diet with some regularity. Contains capsaicin, a substance that can help you lose weight, according to a research published in the journal International journal of food science and nutrition.

To prevent them from causing irritation, it is advisable, after consuming them, to drink a good quantity of water or chamomile infusions with lemon.

To whisper

When we want to reveal a secret or we are in a place where we cannot speak aloud (the cinema or the library, for example) we use the whisper, and this practice is harmful for the voice. Why? Why causes excessive dryness. How about using pencil and paper if you need to communicate something or, better yet, wait to get out of that room?

other causes

Cigarettes are present all over the world, generating multiple diseases

In addition to the above, there are other reasons why the item can be damaged:

  • Smoke.
  • get stressed.
  • Lift the weight
  • have insomnia
  • Drink a lot of alcohol.
  • Go through hormonal changes.
  • Yelling during training.
  • Don’t cover your throat in winter.
  • Go from cold to hot in no time.
  • Entering very cold environments.
  • Being sad or suffering from emotional disturbances.

For example, it is recommended avoid very dry placesinstall a humidifier in the house and drink herbal tea every night.

What foods damage the vocal cords?

For the voice to be in good condition we need to sleep well, don’t force it in certain environments and, above all, feed ourselves accordingly. For this reason, we advise you to avoid or reduce your intake of the foods we present below.

Dairy products

They generate more mucus production and this, far from being beneficial, is harmful since it interferes with the voice, giving it a more “hoarse” tone.

Consuming milk, ice cream and cheese is not an entirely wise idea if you are hoarse or have a sore throat. If the food is cold, it is it will narrow the area and dehydrate.

exotic and sour food

Junk food is bad for your health

We are mainly referring to Mexican, Thai or Indian food, as they contain ingredients we are not used to and they are usually quite spicy. In addition to irritating the throat, they cause gastroesophageal reflux and, therefore, the esophagus hurts. Therefore, you should not consume any food or drink with mint, eucalyptus or menthol. Pay attention to anything that makes you “fire” in the pit of your stomach.

Acidic foods not recommended:

  • Fried.
  • Onion.
  • Vinegar.
  • Mustard.
  • Chocolate.
  • Tomato (and sauce).

These foods can be irritating and cause reflux problems, as stated by a study published in the journal Current medicinal chemistry.

Dry food

Coffee and anything containing caffeine (cola, for example) dry throat and vocal cords. It would also not do you any good to consume citrus fruits or alcohol, as they make hoarse or “hoarse” sounds.

It is vital to rinse the area with a glass of water after these drinks (and don’t forget to respect the 2 liters per day to hydrate your throat).

Diet affects the health of the vocal cords

To enjoy a good voice, in addition to maintaining a series of healthy habits, also take care of your diet. Limiting the intake of irritating products and avoiding alcohol consumption may offer medium- to long-term benefits for vocal cord and esophageal health.

Industrial drinks in general (including juices, flavored waters, teas, and the like) aren’t a good everyday option. Consume them in moderation on time and thus you will avoid harming your well-being. Always keep that in mind!

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