What is a dip powder manicure?

Saving broken nails and at the same time giving them color are specific purposes of the dip powder manicure. The procedure dates back to the 80s, but It is with social networks that it has become a trend. Its application is easy and versatile when fixing hands. What are its advantages?

As the name suggests, the way to paint nails is with powder. And contrary to what some believe, working with this class of pigments is not synonymous with dullness and roughness. He dip nails in powderinterpreted in english, promises the softness and shine that conventional nail polishes are used to.

What is Dip Powder Manicure?

Dipping your nails in colored powder is a trendy manicure technique. It consists of covering the base of the nails with a transparent nail polish, on which each nail is then sprinkled or dipped to color them with an acrylic powder.

The process requires a seal or the application of an activator to harden this particular polish, indicate a publication of cliveland clinic. The steps for painting with powders are repeated several times, as many times as the intensity of the tone is desired.

The science of “magic” powders is in contact with a cyanoacrylate base, a chemical that works so that the pigment does not crack and the manicure resists.

Cyanoacrylate application should be moderate; the abuse of this substance causes hypersensitivity or allergic reactions, comment the National Consumer Service.

What is Dip Powder Manicure?
Powder dip manicure is easy to apply and offers an attractive result.

Benefits of Dip Powder Manicure

He immersion, as they also call it, it lasts up to a month, so you don’t have to worry about touch-ups before this time. Acrylic powders can be mixed, so you play around with shades.

Another advantage of the material is that it has no smell. This way you will be safe from the penetration of essences while you are doing the manicure. Let’s look at other benefits.

Exempt the use of lamps

The lonely ones immersion they dry instantly, so you don’t need to put your hands under a UV lamp. According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, the exposure to ultraviolet rays which through these artefacts could damage the dermis, causing premature spots and wrinkles.

Does not cause permanent damage to nails

Although the activator of the powders is cyanoacrylate, spacing the manicure prevents sequelae in the nails such as natural sheet fragility. And compared to other products, this chemical does not damage the nail root or hinder its growth.

It’s a simple technique to perform

Even if you have no experience with manicures, dipping powder is unlikely to make any mistakes. If you have all the tools and materials, you apply the technique at home.

Offers color intensity

For acrylic nail systems it is essential to combine powders and liquids which results in an intense color gel. On the other hand the dip nails in powder goes straight to bright colors without mixing with other substances.

How to apply dip powder manicure?

In simple steps, we will tell you how to apply powder dip manicure, in case you want to practice at home.

  1. Clean: Start by swiping a cotton ball with nail polish remover to remove any previous paint residue.
  2. Color: during the painting phase, a layer of adhesive base is applied, taking care to cover the entire size of the nail.
  3. Sprinkle: Nail by nail, introduce them into the container with the acrylic powders. It is also possible to spray on the nails, without the need to dip them in the bottle. In any case, you can spread the particles or remove the excess with the help of a brush.
  4. cover girl: Follow with a layer of resin activator to seal the powders. There are 2 alternatives, one is to polish as soon as you take one nail off the dust and the other is suggesting to wait until you are done with dusting all your nails to work them together.
  5. File: As in any other manicure, the immersion includes filing to give your nails the style you prefer.
  6. Polish: finish the process by applying a gloss that doesn’t require drying in a lamp.
How to apply dip powder manicure?
Unlike other manicure methods, dip powder nails do not require drying in a UV lamp.

There is some risk with the method dip power nails?

Not everything is pink in manicure with powders, because there is one important caveat: Sticking your nails into the jars containing the material is not entirely hygienic.

if you do the immersion at home, with your supplies, no problem; but if you go to the salon and it’s the same container for all clients, you could accumulate germs on your nails. The right thing to do on these sites is to implement special brushes.

Furthermore, the continuous use of this manicure technique assumes dehydration and wear of the nails, I file several layers of the surface to remove pigmentation. The tip is to let the nails rest for a while, applying moisturizing and hydrating nail polishes, before going back to powder.

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