What is metabolic age and how to improve it?

metabolic age it represents the state of health that our body really has. This can differ significantly from biological age. In fact, they don’t have to be random.

Sometimes we look in the mirror and think about things like, “I look so much older than I am.” However, we do little about it. Or maybe we think we’ve done it all, when in fact we’re still at it very simple strategies to put into practice and improve our metabolic age.

Another example could be when we attend a social gathering and notice that our former schoolmate continues to have the same jovial spirit as always and we perceive her as even more resilient.

So we ask ourselves:How is it possible that for some the years do not pass?. Well, we will find all the answers within the concept of metabolic age.

How to calculate metabolic age?

The waist diameter data is used to calculate metabolic age

To know your true metabolic age, We recommend that you consult your doctor. instead of being guided by gym instructors (who also offer metabolic age calculation within their services).

However, you can do this calculation yourself, approximately, if you have the following data:

  • Age.
  • Height.
  • Waist diameter.
  • Weight and muscle mass index.

Once you have all this data you can use the metabolic age calculators available online. However, keep in mind that the data provided by these calculators is approximate. Only your doctor can give you a sure answer.

Now, what the calculator does is a comparison of the person’s basal metabolic rate against an average of people of the same age group and similar physical conditions.

The “muscle mass index” is used to estimate how much body fat a person has, and determine if the weight is normal or, conversely, if he is overweight or extremely thin. To do this, the person’s current height and weight are correlated.

If these three aspects are met, the changes will start to be noticed very soon. Our bodies will start to look younger, we will feel more energetic and our health can improve significantly.

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