What is self-realization and how can it be achieved?

What is self realization and how can it be achieved

Every action that human beings perform every day has the purpose of finding ways to feel at ease most of the time. Therefore, those feelings of joy, fulfillment and tranquility are what you want to experience. Want to learn about self-realization? Find out in this article!

People can get frustrated when something doesn’t work for them.Therefore, even in times of crisis, it is important to find sufficient reasons to convince oneself that everything can be overcome. Furthermore, these improvements allow us to understand that it is possible to achieve the aims pursued.

What is Self Realization?

Self-actualization is a complex process that requires great effort and can take place over several years of life. This is because it consists in recognizing yourselfdiscovering oneself in depth, developing all the virtues to the maximum and realizing the projects imagined.

In self-realization, the person reaches the highest degree of happiness because he feels good about himself., feels proud of her development and the way she wisely approaches personal goals. Furthermore, she acts without inhibitions, as she is aware that she has the maturity and skills to operate successfully in any field.

When human beings achieve self-realization, they feel that they are at their best, that they have overcome each of their facets over time and that they have achieved the goals that generate the most stability. For this reason, it is important to clarify that this is an individual process.

Characteristics of a self-actualized person

As reported in a article from the Review of the Bolivarian Universityand in which Maslow is quoted, one of the authors who most studied the theme of self-realization, the qualities of a self-actualized person are acquired when all needs are met of the human being

This implies that, prior to self-realization, these circumstances must be covered:

  • physiological, such as food, rest and sexual reproduction.
  • Safetysuch as having good looks, good health, a home, a job and family well-being.
  • As for relationshipsthat is, building strong social ties with friends and partners.
  • Of recognitionwhich refers to empathy, self-esteem and respect for oneself and for others.

With each of these needs covered, the person has the potential for self-actualization, as she has the freedom and strength to be as she has always been dreamed of.

1. Be spontaneous

People who achieve self-realization act naturally because this allows them to explore new experiences, sensations and knowledge.

The self-realized human being does not close himself off or let anything be imposed. He is interested in experiencing events for himself and drawing his own conclusions. Therefore, he does not get stuck in the rut and always acts with fluency, commitment and interest.

2. They have autonomy

A self-actualized person does not stagnate or feel insecure when making decisions on their own. Indeed, take responsibility for their own actions and they have the ability to determine what is best for their lives. They are encouraged to take on new challenges of their own choosing.

3. They are realistic

They are very focused people, aware of their environment and the conditions of the world around them. Because of this, They don’t waste time with ideas that seem weak or without a future.

Their interest is in recognizing those real possibilities that help them to progress. They are objective and do not get carried away by particular interests.

4. Problem solving skills

Self-actualized people experience the most sincere level of happiness and fulfillment, however, that doesn’t mean they may not have problems.

In any case, the important thing about self-realized beings is that they give more importance to the solution than to the problem. Therefore, they weigh all the factors involved and focus on their strengths rather than the possibilities for frustration.

5. Goals are the priority

They are clear about all the goals, projects and goals they need to achieve in order to feel their best accomplished. Because of this, every day they work to fulfill what they have stipulated for your life project

Self-actualization allows them to set results, meet agreed deadlines, and strengthen their skills.

6. They are creative

This is essential to see and experience life in multiple ways, always looking for ways to engage in new experiences and have fun.

They like to connect with what’s different, find new skills and ways to be decisive. Self-fulfillers are volatile in the sense that they let their ideas flow in all areas.

7. Solidarity

They are people who act with respect and principles. They are interested in helping others, promoting empathytolerance and social ties, taking into account that life in society is essential to function.

When a person is self-fulfilled, he has the initiative to take leadership, to promote activities that generate changes in society and are collectively useful.

8. They trust themselves

The self-realized person does not blame himself, he appreciates his abilities, his wisdom, his way of acting, his life plan and each of the results. Self-realization allows them to love, recognize and be happy with the lifestyle they lead.

9. They build positive personal relationships

They are beings who feel developed on a social and family level. Self-actualization allows them to live comfortably with othersfind support and also serve people in your inner circle.

Socializing helps so that the person does not feel alone, has moments of interactionof mutual knowledge, of shared joys and of feeling important in someone else’s life.

Tips for achieving self-realization

Self-realization is a process that it requires responsibility and the incorporation of new habits, since every day is essential to be closer to the goals. Here are some tips for working on it.

1. Convince yourself of the goals

It is important that the person visualize everything you want to accomplish in your life and make sure that each of these purposes go hand-in-hand with your needs. This will help make you feel happier and more satisfied.

Selecting goals well is essential so that the person always lives with the ambition to improve.

2. Being insistent and obsessive with your goals

The person must always be full of motivation and desire to continue towards their goals. This factor is essential so that every action taken has the aim of achieving maximum success and feeling satisfied.

Those people who give up on their dreams cannot come true.because they distrust some of their abilities and stop fulfilling a purpose.

3. Understand that every day is a precious opportunity

If the person wants to achieve self-realization, you have to get rid of lost time and interpret that every day implies work and evolution. Every moment lived means a new change and a learning that marks existence.

Self-actualization is achieved with commitment and perseverance

Knowing the feelings of joy is an important key, as it allows you to always find the necessary motivation to continue towards your goals. You shouldn’t stop valuing yourself or feeling important.

We have to understand, if we want self-realization, this social relationships and talents must never stop strengthening. This is because they are a valuable impetus to attain realization.

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