What is Softlift?

soft liftingfrom today, it is already a new ally for beauty. Our face is the cover letter we give abroad; Therefore, it’s not bad that we want to keep it always young and natural.

Fortunately, starting from the earliest times with non-invasive aesthetic treatments, we have the advantage of facing the passing of the years without too many changes and without the need for surgery.

What is Softlift?

soft lifting It is a technique suitable for any gender or age, which offers natural results by restoring harmony to the face and facial expressions. It has no contraindications and It is suitable for all those who want to recover the fresh look of the face.

It is performed in a doctor’s office and after just one session you can resume normal activities. The results it provides are very interesting, as the image begins to look noticeably renewed. Furthermore, its effects have a duration of about 4 months.

The procedure is minimally invasive, but It must be performed by a qualified and specialized doctor. A prior consultation with the professional can help determine whether or not it is convenient to use this technique.

What is Softlift?
He soft lifting it is a non-invasive anti-aging technique that offers interesting results. Overall, it helps keep skin young and healthy.

Natural chronoaging

Facial aging is evidenced by various changes, such as dynamic wrinkles, static wrinkles and loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid. This can be observed through signs of sagging skin. Among the signs of facial aging we also find:

  • Loss of facial contour due to gravity.
  • The lack of firmness.
  • Volume loss.
  • Changes in the texture and color of the skin.

All these changes that the skin undergoes over time, they make our face look old and tired. However, methods like soft lifting helps mitigate it.

What is the Soft Lift procedure?

in the technique of soft lifting Two products are used, which are as follows:

  • Botulinum toxin type A, indicated for the treatment of dynamic wrinkles, those formed by the movement of the facial muscles (in gesticulation).
  • hyaluronic acid, that fills static wrinkles, permanent ones. Often the latter are deeper and visible with the face at rest. This substance is also indicated for the harmonization of the contour of the face and lips, or for the replacement of volume in areas of the face that have been modified by aging.

As exhibited by a study published in International journal of biological macromolecules, hyaluronic acid has very important effects in improving the appearance of the skin.

What is the Soft Lift procedure?
To run the soft lifting substances such as botulinum toxin type A and hyaluronic acid are used.

Changes during logoff

soft lifting It is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that acts on the signs of skin aging. The result is a more natural, rejuvenated and pleasant appearance.without going through the risks or rest period that cosmetic surgery entails.

Soft lift It is an advanced medical technique which, based on the use of cutting-edge anti-aging treatments (fillers with hyaluronic acid and applications of type A botulinum toxin), allows for total facial rejuvenation.

What areas can we treat?

This system can be used in any sector of the face where it is considered so signs of aging must be corrected. These include the following:

  • Nasal region (remodeling e bunny lines).
  • Frontal region (raised eyebrows and forehead wrinkles).
  • Nasogen furrows, wrinkles of the ocular commissure (crow’s feet).
  • Volume replacement in the cheeks.
  • Definition of the facial contour.
  • Lips (volumisation and lip contour, lip wrinkles).

The latest trends in face rejuvenation confirm the constant search for natural and harmonious results that lead to an integral beautification of the face.

What areas can we treat?
through the soft lifting Almost all areas of the face can be improved. Its results are known from the first session.

The 3Rs of rejuvenation

The big difference lies in conventional rejuvenation techniques It is found in the two-dimensional approach used to evaluate the face. Before, only the treatment of a wrinkle or a punctual line was considered.

This method comes to evolve that form of treatment. Analyze the face from a three-dimensional point of view. Treats all signs of aging on the face that fall under the 3Rs of facial rejuvenation, causing the following:

  • Muscle relaxation: decreases dynamic wrinkles (botulinum toxin).
  • Facial contour redefinition: adjuvant in the treatment of static wrinkles (hyaluronic acid + botulinum toxin).
  • Volume replacement: provides repositioning in areas where it is needed, because it has been lost or has never been harmonized (hyaluronic acid).

For all this, it is said that soft lifting it is an innovative treatment which combines techniques already established as leaders in facial rejuvenation.

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