What is the injury that kept Sadio Mané from Qatar 2022?

At 30 and being the star of his team, Sadio Mané is out of the World Cup with a right knee injury. Senegal suffers loss and pain, from the words of the coach to those of the country’s officials working for FIFA.

Carrying the number 10 of the Senegalese football team and with the 17 on Bayern Monaco, the striker is an indisputable figure. Even more so if we consider that he was the last winner of the Silver Ball.

With the official confirmation from the official bodies, let’s analyze Sadio Mané’s injury which interrupts his participation in the third World Cup that Senegal will play.

The Senegalese Football Federation wishes a speedy recovery to its player Sadio Mané, who was released from the national team for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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Sadio Mané’s injury

Sadio Mané was injured in the match that his team, the Bayern Monacodisputed Werder Bremen. The first medical reports spoke of a problem with his right kneemore precisely in the head of the fibula on that side.

Later, with more information and some imaging tests, it was determined that the disorder was concentrated in the tendons surrounding the head of the fibula, with inflammation extending to the entire soft tissue area of ​​the right knee.

Sadio Mané suffered a head injury to his right fibula. He is out for the match against Schalke. More tests will be carried out in the next few days, #FCBayern will contact the medical part of the Senegalese Football Federation.

Bayern Munich medical report

There had been speculation about a month off, which Gave the chance for the coach of the selected team to call him up and be present for Senegal’s third match in the group stage. In this way, if they qualify for the round of 16, they could also count on the attacker in that case.

However, the evolution of the lesion was not favourable. Despite the rest and first treatments, the Senegalese could not recover adequate physical shape for a World Cup contest.

Sadio Mané right knee injury.
The knee is the site of multiple types of injuries in professional soccer players.

The role played by the Senegalese national team doctor

The Senegalese team doctor went to Monaco on 11 November, 3 days after the injury, to evaluate the player. First, he suggested quoting it. But now, with a new MRI, he’s changed his diagnosis and asked to be removed from the team.

In reality, the situation was more complicated. The Senegalese doctor said Sadio Mané’s injury would resolve with surgery. This prolongs the rest time, perhaps by 4-6 months.

The intervention has already been completed and the Bayern Monaco reported that everything went as planned. The club assures that in 2023 they will have the striker active.

What injury does player Sadio Mané have to his fibula?

Medical reports on Sadio Mané’s injury they were always general and not specific. We know he tore a tendon in the head area of ​​his right fibula, but nothing else.

We can assume that it was a tendon rupture in that anatomical region. THE head of the fibula It is the part most proximal to the knee of this bone that is on the outside of the leg. It articulates with the tibia and femur, having the patella in front.

Based on the official statements of the club and the national team, it is assumed that the injury was repaired with a reunion of the tendon fibers. This type of approach is not simple and requires prolonged rest.

The fibula head area is often overloaded in professional footballers.. Comes the short lateral ligament and a part of the biceps femoris. The fibers which will later constitute the peroneal muscleswhich will go down to the ankle.

Rotational movements, sudden braking and collisions with other players are decisive in compromising the stability of the fibula head. The Senegalese forward will have several weeks of training ahead of him to recover the balance that this anatomical set must have for his elite performance.

Knee physiotherapy.
Almost all knee operations require subsequent physiotherapy rehabilitation. Even more so when it comes to athletes.

Senegal will go to Qatar 2022 without its leading figure

The blow was hard for the Senegalese team. No one denies the key role that Sadio Mané had as leader of the African team.

We will have to go on and without crying too much.

Abdoulaye Sow, Vice-President of the Senegalese Football Federation.

Currently, the attacker will begin his rehabilitation with patience. His national team will face the hosts, Qatar, Ecuador and the Netherlands. If all goes well, he will be able to repeat the feat of Korea-Japan 2022 to be among the top 8 in the world.

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