What should pregnant women eat for dinner?

Coming home late, cooking or sitting down to a good meal may not be what pregnant women want the most; even less if the last few months are approaching. However, Also, it is not convenient for them to finish their dinner or that they take the first thing they find in the fridge.

On the contrary, it is good for them to keep a small routine at the last meal, as this way they ensure good nutrition both for themselves and for the future baby. But what should a pregnancy-friendly dinner look like? Here we share some tips.

The importance of diet during pregnancy

One of the first problems that worries expectant mothers it has to do with the quantities of food and the increase in them energy requirements, especially during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. And while it’s not necessary to “eat for two,” it’s also not the right time to go on a diet.

As a general rule, this increase in calorie demand is covered by the increased appetite experienced by women in this stage. Therefore, there is no need to force yourself to eat more. Of course, it must be taken into account that the need for certain nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals or proteins, also increases.

In this sense, a good strategy is to distribute the intakes in several portions per day to avoid large meals and ensure an optimal supply of nutrients. Hence the importance of knowing what pregnant women should eat for dinner, since this is usually one of the forgotten meals or one with the greatest tendency to be overlooked.

The importance of diet during pregnancy
During pregnancy it is not necessary to eat for two. However, it is necessary to ensure a quality diet to cover nutritional needs.

What should pregnant women eat for dinner?

There are many healthy foods that pregnant women can eat for dinner. However, in general, it must be considered that this last meal must contain all the groups of nutrients necessary for proper nutrition.

This means that, under normal conditions and without the existence of any pathology which advises against it, you must accommodate fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. In this way they are all distributed throughout the day and it is easier to cover everyone’s nutritional needs.

A good way to distribute them is to look at the diagram of the “Harvard Plate” method. It recommends distributing hires in the following ways:

  • Half of the food at dinner should consist of vegetables.
  • A quarter I dedicate to a serving of protein. It can be of animal or plant origin.
  • One last serving that is loaded with carbs.
  • It’s also accompanied by a source of healthy fat and a fruit or dairy product for dessert.

What foods can pregnant women eat for dinner?

As we commented, All groups of nutrients must be present in this meal. Of course, it is equally important to choose healthy food and suitable for the last hour of the day.

Fruits and vegetables

Initially, everyone is allowed during pregnancy. There are a large number of possibilities for introducing vegetables, although perhaps boiled or in the form of creams are the most suitable for dinner time. As for fruit, it is recommended to eat it ripe and avoid citrus fruits if you have acid reflux problems.


Priority should be given to whole grains, be they rice, pasta, bread, couscous, etc. in them they find all the nutrients of the grains that have disappeared in the refined ones. We must also not forget its fiber content, which is one of the the first approximations to treat intestinal transit problems.


The best sources for the night are white fish, small fatty fish, white meat or eggs. They can be prepared grilled or roasted in the oven, and drizzled with olive oil so they don’t cause heavy digestion.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to opt for a vegetable protein, tofu or tempeh are fine. It should be remembered that it is a protein with all the essential amino acids ea correct alternative to that of animal origin.

What foods can pregnant women eat for dinner?
Pregnant women can be white or blue fish for protein. However, this nutrient can also be ensured with foods of plant origin.

quality fats.

In this group, the best choice is extra virgin olive oil for seasoning and cooking dishes. You can also add nuts, avocados or olives. Just moderate the quantities because they can lengthen digestion.

What other characteristics should dinner have for pregnant women?

During the months of gestation some annoying symptoms. Most are not serious but can last several weeks. Fortunately, good dietary guidelines can improve nausea, constipation, heartburn, and acid reflux.

Therefore, it is worth applying a number of dietary advice at dinner time. Let’s look at the most relevant ones:

  • Avoid large meals and divide the daily intake into several doses per day.
  • Dinner as early as possible and leave about three hours before bed. This improves reflux and acidity.
  • Eliminate sauces, spicy cheeses, milk-based pastries and desserts. All require longer digestion, which can make the above symptoms worse.
  • Do not add spicy dishes, citrus fruits, chocolate or carbonated drinks to dinner, because they favor the appearance of heartburn and gastric reflux.
  • Opt for whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. They provide dietary fiber which helps relieve constipation.

Pregnant women can have a varied and healthy dinner

By putting these dietary guidelines into practice, it is possible to ensure an adequate supply of all the nutrients necessary for both the development of the fetus and the health of the mother. However, This does not diminish the importance of consulting a nutrition professional.

The nutritionist can suggest other adjustments or types of food, according to the characteristics of each pregnant woman: age, current state of health, stage of pregnancy, etc.

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