The National Meteorological Administration has updated the weather forecast for the next four weeks, between July 4 and August 1. In the last two weeks, experts are predicting hot weather with little rain.

Temperatures will generally be around those specific for this week in all regions. The rainfall regime will be surplus in the southern, central and northeastern regions, as well as in the mountains, and in the rest it will be generally close to normal, but with a local deficit in the extreme southwest and northeast of the country .

Week 11 – 18 July

Average temperatures will generally be close to normal for this period across the country. Rainfall amounts will be deficient throughout the country.

Week 18 – 25 July

The average air temperature will have higher than normal values ​​for this interval, in all regions, but with a more pronounced positive thermal deviation in the western ones. The pluviometric regime will be deficient throughout the country, but especially in the intra-Carpathian regions, according to ANM.

Week of July 25 – August 1

Average thermal values ​​will be above the specific ones for this week, throughout Romania, but especially in the western regions. The amounts of precipitation estimated for this period will have a deficient tendency in most regions, but especially in the northwestern ones.

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