What to bring to the beach: 6 things you can’t miss

Sometimes being in a hurry or not making a list of things to take to the beach usually causes them to forget include the necessary objects.

determined factors such as the sun or salt water from the sea, make some objects or products important. Especially when it comes to children, the elderly or people with sensitive skin who participate.

They are then developed some recommendations to be taken into consideration to spend a good day at the beach.

What to bring to the beach things you cant

Accessories to have on a day at the beach

1. Dry clothes

It may happen that, after a hot day in which one tends to prefer the coolness of the water, at dusk after sunset, the bikini or swimsuit no longer dries and I have to go home with wet clothes.

Wet clothing can trigger constipation or colds. Especially if in addition to the sunset in the place it begins to cool down. So spending a lot of time with it is not recommended.

Thus, wearing dry clothing can be very comfortable and flattering. The ideal is to wear underwear, panties or underpants so that you can remove your swimsuit and dry yourself properly.

2. Protect yourself from the sun: sunscreen and sunglasses

When thinking about what to bring to the beach, it is important to remember sunscreen, a towel and maybe an umbrella. These are essential elements with which to protect yourself from the sun. Especially the sunscreen. Sunlight can damage the skin causing severe burns that can trigger disease.

Also, it might be helpful to include some of them Sunglasses. These are the only way you can protect your eyes.

UV rays can cause corneal burns and retinal problems. It also increases the risk of suffering from cataracts in the future, among other problems.

For all this, sunglasses and sunscreen they must not be missing to protect yourself from the sun.

3. Jacket

The weather on many occasions can be unpredictable. You can leave the house after an hour and it’s very hot, and after a while it starts to get cold. Or feel great on the beach all day, but as the afternoon falls it begins to cool off.

The easiest way to catch a cold is to be cold. To avoid this situation, it is better prevent it and always wear something warm. Always having a jacket on hand is a great solution.

Especially in front children, the elderly and those that are colder.

beach fridge

important not to forget

4. Water

When we make the list of what to bring to the beach, one essential element is water. Although there may be a fountain nearby or a place where you can buy a drink, normally we have to leave the beach to buy them.

To save time and money, that would be ideal buy a small refrigerator in which to store the water we need. And also some fruit. This will keep food and water fresh whenever needed.

On the beach, being exposed to the sun and the salt water of the sea, we will be much more thirsty than usual. Poor hydration can cause people to become dehydrated. You also need to be careful with pets if you take them on a trip.

5. Sunscreen

As mentioned above, Sunscreen is essential when it comes to protecting your skin from the sun. The product should be applied both on the face and on the body. But sunscreen is of particular importance, which is why we reiterate to add it whenever the body will be exposed to sunlight for a long time.

Dermatologists recommend replenishing protection about every two hours. This means that even if it is applied before leaving the house, it will have to be reused afterwards.

It is also important to wear the most suitable sunscreen for each skin and not to go into the water with freshly applied cream. It is recommended to wait a while for the security to set up. Otherwise, its effectiveness will be reduced.

What to bring to the beach things you cant

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