What to do if my child hits his head?

What to do if my child hits his head

One of the most common concerns among new parents is the following: What to do if my child hits his head? This is mainly due to the fact that parents feel great fear when it comes to taking measures to give relief to their young children. In short words, insecurity is what usually stops parents.

Even if children over the age of two are not particularly mischievous or various preventive measures have been applied, Many times, accidents are inevitable. And while most of them aren’t usually serious, you need to know what to do at the time of the incident and the moment it happens, to properly calm and relieve the children.

Warning signs after a blow to the head in children

By ‘common accidents’ we mean all those cases in which a crash occurs, from a low height or without speed. Therefore, all minor trips, falls and minor bumps fall into this group.

In common accidents, the fright is almost always greater than the injury itself. They generally produce only low-intensity pain, a bump and, in some cases, some superficial wounds (bruises, chafing, scrapes).

However, when any discomfort persists and increases in intensity, it is important to pay attention to it and go to the pediatrician as soon as possible, as suggested by this information Obtained from Mayo Clinic. in children, These are some of the warning signs after a blow to the head:

  • Irritability.
  • Drowsiness.
  • Convulsions.
  • Vision blurred.
  • repeated vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness.
  • Asymmetry in pupils.
  • Speech disorders.
  • Mood change.
  • Lack of coordination during movement.
  • Sinking in the hit area.
  • Self-absorption (does not respond adequately to stimuli).

In the event that multiple warning signs are felt, it is necessary to avoid mobilizing the child’s neck, in case of trauma associated with the cervical spine. Furthermore, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately to evaluate whether a head injury has occurred.

According to this investigation performed by the Niño Jesús Hospital, 70% of these injuries usually have a good recovery, so we should not be alarmed ahead of time.

The vast majority of head injuries do not require urgent pediatric care, but rather apply the correct measures.

What to do if my child hits his head?

Faced with a common blow to the head, The first thing to do is calm the baby. Whether or not they are very young anymore, it is very important that they feel cared for and safe as this will help them to calm down, put the incident behind them and relax.

However, In regards to physical assistance, you should:

  • Place an ice pack on the affected area wrapped in a thin cloth to avoid burning the skin. This component, as stated by this study carried out by the University of the Americas (Chile), will help reduce inflammation.
  • If a flesh wound occurred, this should be it wash, disinfect and bandage.
  • If your child is less than 5 years old, it is advisable to take him to a place with little auditory and visual stimulation, so that he can calm down more easily.
  • Ask the little one how he is feeling and talk to him to make sure he is okay and that the blow was not serious.
  • Monitor the child for 24 to 48 hours after the shot to make sure he is not showing any of the warning signs mentioned above.

On drug administration

After a blow to the head it is normal for the little one to feel pain in the area due to the bruises. What to do if my child has a slight blow to the head and is in some pain? Can you give him a painkiller? For small bumps, there are ibuprofen medications that relieve mild to moderate headaches, AS Nurofen pediatric.

Nurofen Junior 100 mg chewable soft capsules It is indicated for the occasional symptomatic treatment of mild to moderate pain, in children from 20 kilos (7 years) and up to 40 kilos (12 years).

For children under 7, you can opt for Nurofen pediatric 20 mg/ml or 40 mg/ml oral suspension of, indicated by 3 months of age. For children under 2, always consult a doctor. Do not administer these drugs in case of gastroduodenal ulcer e.

Most blows to the head are nothing more than a scare to the baby and the parents. However, It is always important to keep calm. take care of the child’s wound and try to relieve it; as well as making sure there are no possible warning signs and going to your doctor or pharmacist if in doubt.

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