During the transition period between seasons, the wardrobe undergoes major changes. It is the period when the temperatures are neither high nor low. Because of this, most of the time, we fail to adapt our outfits properly. But to be able to take advantage of a comfortable outfit that will keep you warm enough, but also cool at the same time, choose transitional jackets. Define your masculine style and select the pieces that match your personality.

Denim jackets – for a timeless look

Denim jackets have been and will surely be a timeless staple in the wardrobe of every man who wants to be fashionable. Since they will never go out of style, make sure you have at least one denim jacket in your wardrobe. Available in a variety of designs, styles and colours, denim transitional jackets are perfect for pairing with hoodies, sweaters or flannel shirts when the temperatures are cooler.

For a cool and effortless look that’s as simple as possible, choose a jacket in a plain denim shade with no details. Such pieces are built to stand the test of time, regardless of the trends that fashion is moving towards.

With a design inspired by vintage trends, you can select lightly washed denim jackets in shades of black, gray or blue. You will enhance your casual look with a touch of sophisticated style. You can match the jackets with jeans or a pair of chinos to add a bit of flair to the outfit.

If you’re a sporty style lover, but tired of classic hoodies, choose denim jackets with sleeves and a hood finished in fabric. They are extremely versatile and you can wear them on cool days, when you want extra comfort.

Bomber jackets and quilted jackets – ideal for outdoor outings

Elevate your outfits and layer them with solid colored bomber jackets. You will enjoy not only a slightly elegant look, but also increased comfort. Bomber jackets give you warmth and protection in cold weather conditions, making them ideal for everyday wear. Featuring a hooded collar, zip fastening, exterior pockets and elasticated cuffs, these jackets go with any casual look.

For cooler days, you can choose a quilted jacket. You will find them available in various colors and materials, for better insulation. Quilted jackets are ideal when it’s too cold for a hoodie but too warm for a parka or winter coat. You can wear it with jeans and shoes for a smart casual look or with sneakers and sweatpants for a more sporty look.

Softshell jacket – for a perfect sporty look

Softshell jackets are ideal for both a consummate sporty look and high-performance activities. Breathable and stretchy fabrics will keep you comfortable while keeping your body warm on cooler days. At the same time, they will withstand the wind and precipitation, so they will be perfect during the rainy autumn period. You can choose models in shades of red, black or blue, which you will be able to easily integrate into any outfit, along with jeans or sweatpants and comfortable shoes.

When choosing jackets for the transition period, do not forget to take into account your clothing style. Also, consider the occasions you will wear them to create trendy outfits. Discover the collections of transitional jackets for men and prepare to transition more easily from the warm season to a rainy autumn or from harsh winters to sunny springs.

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