White stone, the trendy product for home cleaning

White stone has become a trendy household cleaning product. Several advantages are attributed to it, such as the removal of dirt from any surface. In fact, there are those who use it to clean toilets, pans, the inside of the oven and other difficult areas.

The best of everything? It does not affect the health of the skin or the environment. This is because its ingredients are natural. They basically contain white clay, bicarbonate and glycerin. Below we detail more about its uses and properties.

What is white stone and what is it for?

White stone is a cleaning product that It is made from 100% organic ingredients. It has no odor, has abrasive properties, which allows you to clean a wide variety of surfaces in your home. In fact, it is used to remove dirt, degrease and polish without making much effort.

It is itself composed of white clay, baking soda, water, vegetable glycerin, and sometimes soap. A light application is enough to obtain appreciable results during household chores. Thus, it is a trendy product.

Added to all this, it is an ecological solution to replace aggressive chemicals during cleaning activities. He El PaĆ­s newspaper He describes it as a “multipurpose cleaner”, as it can be used in bathrooms, living rooms, terraces, swimming pools, garages, among other spaces.

What is white stone and what is it for?
The white stone degreases and polishes at the same time. Ideal for difficult surfaces.

Where to clean with white stone?

To go into detail, the surfaces that can be cleaned with white stone are the following:

  • Toilet or toilet, as well as the bathtub.
  • Tiles for kitchen, bathroom or swimming pool.
  • Rust and mold in the faucet parts.
  • Glass panels.
  • Plastic garden furniture.
  • Appliances, such as microwaves and toasters.
  • Lime accumulated in the washing machine and dishwasher.
  • Grease the oven and the kitchen hood.
  • Joints on the walls.
  • enamelled surfaces.
  • Resin, PVC or acrylic.
  • Bottom of pans and pots.
  • Metals (including silver and stainless steel).
  • Sport shoe rubber.
  • Degreaser in vehicle parts.

How to use the white stone?

The white stone is used very simply; just a two-layer sponge or, failing that, an abrasive sponge and a little water. If you want, you can make a natural loofah sponge (cylindrical loofah).

Follow these steps:

  • Moisten the cleaning sponge or cloth.
  • Rub with the white stone, until you get the foam.
  • Then, apply the product on the surface to be cleaned.
  • Remove the excess with a little water or a damp cloth, which is clean.
  • In case of joints, for example in tiles, an old toothbrush can be used.
  • Repeat as needed, although it usually works on the first pass; it all depends on the surface or object and how adherent the dirt is.
  • To give shine and make the cleaning work even more evident, at the end can be scrubbed with a microfiber cloth.

While whitestone is effective on its own, you can also finish the process with a degreaser, polish, or dab of bleach to sanitize.

Benefits for home cleaning

Using white stone in house cleaning tasks has some advantages. First of all, it facilitates the removal of dust and grease, even on surfaces where they adhere strongly. All you need is a sponge and water to complete the process.

On the other hand, its combination of ingredients is non-toxic, therefore the skin and the respiratory tract I’m not at riskas happens with the cleaners conventional. This is an advantage in terms of caring for the environment.

Among other things, it is non-corrosive, allows you to remove stains without causing scratches on the surface and helps polish dull metals to restore their shine. In fact, there are those who claim that it has antimicrobial qualities that form a protective layer to prevent the proliferation of bacteria on surfaces.

How to remove crayon stains from clothes and walls.
White stone helps remove stains from walls without causing scratches.


Among the disadvantages of the product, however, the following can be noted:

  • Does not remove burnt spots on pots or pans.
  • It is less effective on porous surfaces, such as non-washable walls, wood or leather.
  • Due to its consistency, traces of the product may remain on the surface.
  • It is not recommended for delicate pieces.
  • Its cost is higher compared to a conventional detergent.

White stone, ally for domestic cleaning

Sometimes, Home cleaning time can be a real nightmare, especially when there is too much dirt accumulated. However, products like white stone can be a solution.

And even if all its properties remain to be demonstrated, there are many statements from satisfied users. The most interesting thing is that it is a versatile, multipurpose, safe to use and relatively easy to buy product on the market. Do you dare to try it?

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